04 May 2015

{Unboxing} The May Test Box - #PlumpItUp

I've decided to proclaim this week a "Good Hair Days" week here on Suzy Q-tip. I will be reviewing two haircare boxes this week and you can decide if you want to order both, just one, or none.

Today I will be reviewing another great hair box from the folks over at The Test Box*. I've spoken about their Test Boxes a couple of times, but May's offering is a bit different than usual.

This month is all about plumping up your hair with The Test Box and Kevin Murphy. I've never tried Kevin Murphy shampoos before, but I've fallen in love with the little dinky "milk carton" shampoos and conditioners! All the Kevin Murphy shampoos and conditioners are colour coded, which helps when you have to bend down in the shower to grab a shampoo (and usually grab the conditioner by mistake). The plumping range has powder pink and pale pink packaging. 

Kevin Murphy Plumping.Wash and Plumping.Rinse

The plumping wash is a thickening shampoo that contains ginger root and nettle extracts to add oomph to fine hair, leaving both hair and scalp feeling revitalised and refreshed. The hair follicles are nourished, and the hair is thickened over time. The shampoo adds softness and shine, all while stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. It is free of sulphates and parabens, so perfect for colour-treated hair. This retails for R410 for 250 ml and can be purchased here.

The plumping rinse is a thickening conditioner containing Hemsleya Root and Oleanolic Acid. It nourishes and restores the hair, making it thicker and stronger. The benefits of using this conditioner include hydration, strengthening, maintaining the hair in the growth phase, thickening, plus helping to prevent hair loss. This retails for R410 for 250 ml and can be purchased here.

Although I can't vouch for the thickening aspect, the shampoo and conditioner did leave my hair incredibly soft and bouncy after the first wash already. Both products smell delicious, and fill the bathroom with their lovely scent. The value of these two 40 ml bottles are R100 respectively.

Soy Body Candle

The Body Candle is a massage/intensive moisturiser candle made from soy wax and a blend of oils such as Shea and cocoa butter. They say you should light the candle before getting into the shower or bath and by the time you are finished there will be enough liquid oil to use as an intensive moisturiser. It is apparently very good to use on the bust area as it keeps the sensitive area well-hydrated and firm (soy has a firming and an anti-ageing effect on the skin). The melting point of soy is just a few degrees above body temperature, so you won't burn yourself. This retails for R100 for 110 g and you can buy it here.

The liquid oil begins to form about half a minute after lighting the candle. The warm oil did sting a little as it came into contact with my skin, but disappeared instantly as I started smoothing on the oil. It's not greasy, but I would keep this for a night time treat. It smells very familiar, almost like clean laundry. The one suggestion I would like to make is that the candle needs a little spout. I know candles don't have spouts, but that would make the pouring much less messy, as I find that the shot glass is very greasy after pouring out the oil. The value of this mini candle is R40.

The Box

The total value of this box is R100 for the shampoo, R100 for the conditioner, R40 for the candle, and R60 for delivery. That amounts to a total of R300, while you will only be paying R140. You can order your May Test Box here.

Until next time!


* PR sample

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