28 May 2015

Review: Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection Minis

Morgan Taylor is fast becoming a favourite nail polish brand of mine. Their polishes are excellent quality and the shade range is stunning. I've never bought mini polishes before, but when I saw this box of Cinderella Collection minis, I just had to have it! Cinderella was one of my favourite childhood stories (the other one being The Little Mermaid), so I am thrilled that Morgan Taylor brought out a nail polish collection to coincide with the release of the Cinderella movie (which I have yet to see).

The boxes of minis absolutely flew off the shelves once they hit stores, and I'm not surprised. Although the set doesn't contain the entire collection, you still get to try four shades for the price of two full sizes shades. Let's be honest, no one ever finishes a bottle of nail polish anyway, so you might as well just get a couple of minis!

I haven't seen the minis in store for weeks, and I assume that they're sold out. If you didn't manage to get your hands on them, don't fear, as the full sized bottles of the collection are still available at Dischem and Sorbet.

From left to right we have "Party at the palace", "If the slipper fits", "Watch your step, Sister!", and "Ella of a girl". The colours are all pretty and whimsical, and transport you to a ball at the Palace.

"Party at the palace" is a difficult colour to explain. It's sort of like a duo-chrome turquoise, and looks golden when the light hits it. It's really pretty and photos don't do it justice!

"If the slipper fits" is a sparkly party shade. It's a grey, silver colour with small and medium-sized glitter. I love the colour but didn't get on with the polish itself. Glitter polishes normally last long on my nails, but this chipped within two days.

The two pink colours in the collection really stole the show for me. "Watch your step, Sister!" is a soft, creamy watermelon pink with no shimmer or glitter. It applies beautifully and looks incredibly chic.

"Elle of a girl" is a soft and creamy baby pink. It also applies like a dream and is, I think, my favourite of the collection. I'm not normally a candy floss pink kinda gal, but to me this just looks fun and cheerful without being *too* pink and girly, if that makes sense.

Have you tried these shades? Which shade was your favourite? Let me know in the comment section.

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