14 May 2015

New pretties from Catrice

I love a good drugstore find, and many of my best budget favourites come from Catrice. If you've never bought anything from Catrice, do yourself a favour and go to Dischem. They're like the more grown-up version of essence, and, in my opinion, more suited to the young (working) woman who is on a budget, and isn't a teeny bopper anymore. They constantly bring out new products and new shades of old products, and they also have limited edition collections. Today I'll be showing you two of their new eyeshadow palettes.

I think I now own most (if not all) of these 6-pan Catrice eyeshadow palettes (Absolute Nude, Absolute Bright, Absolute Rose, Absolute Matt). The colour selections of the respective palettes are beautiful, but the quality can sometimes be a bit of a letdown with regards to pigment and staying power. One palette I'm featuring today has amazing colour payoff and longevity, the other one not so much. Keep reading to find out which is which...

Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette

When I saw the shade selection of this palette, I knew I had to have it. I actually wanted to buy the Matt one as well, but it was sold out. Which made me want it even more!

The colours range from a light pastel pink to a sultry and shimmery plum. The eyeshadows are mostly shimmery, but nothing that makes you look like a disco ball. There is one matt shade which is a dusty light grey-purple. The lightest shade, the light pastel pink, contains very fine glitter, making it look almost matt. The three colours in the middle are the perfect rose gold/champagne pink shades.

The shadows are butter soft (especially the matt shade) and colour payoff is excellent. With a primer these shadows last eight to nine hours without creasing. This palette is amazing value for money and is one of my latest favourites.

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette

I had very high hopes for this palette, as it is difficult to find an all-matt drugstore eyeshadow palette.

The colours range from white to a dark slate grey. The white colour looks a bit out of place with the rest of shades in the palette, in my opinion. There is a light baby pink and three browns of varying shades. I personally like these three the best.

These shadows are also buttery and soft, but unfortunately the colour payoff is disappointing. Swatching it with my fingers yields a nice payoff, but with a brush I unfortunately cannot say the same. I really like the colours in the palette, so I will continue using this, maybe it's just the top layer of the shadows that are a bit hard.

If I had to choose, I would choose the rose palette as it's the palette with the best shade choices as well as the best colour payoff and longevity.You can buy these palettes at Dischem for R79.95 each. You don't need them, but at R79.95 each, you can afford to experiment. 

Have you tried any of these palettes? Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. That Rose palette looks amazing! x

    1. It's gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by, Cass! x