18 May 2015

Review: MIRA Konjac Sponges

I do love a good facial cleanse, and what better way to do it than with a nifty little helper? A few months ago I used a Konjac sponge that I received from my friend, but after a few months I had to throw it away (you're only supposed to use it for three months).  I was ecstatic when MIRA Dynamics contacted me a few weeks ago and sent me three sponges* to try.

All three sponges are for different skin types, and come in different colours and shapes. I didn't find that any of the sponges worked better than others, but I enjoyed using them all. The sponges are all 100% natural fibre and are made from the root of the Konjac plant.

How to use it

You wet the sponge in warm water until it is soft, then you squeeze out the excess water and apply a drop of cleanser to it. You proceed to wash your face in gentle circular motions with the wet sponge. Afterwards you rinse your face with warm water as well as rinse the sponge out with clean water. Hang the sponge up to dry somewhere where it can get a bit of air and maybe some sunshine.

Different sponges for different skin types

The sponge for oily skin is black and in a teardrop shape. The sponge for normal/sensitive skin is in while and in the shape of a pebble, and the adorable green heart-shaped sponge is for damaged skin.

I prefer these sponges for my morning cleanse, as I don't want to transfer the day's makeup to my sponge. If I do feel like using it at night, I remove my eye makeup beforehand and use a gel cleanser instead of my usual balm or oil cleanser. You can use the sponge as is with water or with a cleanser, but I prefer to use it with a cleanser as it makes your cleanser work harder.

I enjoyed using the sponges, but I didn't like their shapes. I found it difficult to hold them in my hand, especially because they were quite thin. I would have preferred a slightly smaller, but thicker sponge. That being said, the sponges left my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking clear and bright. There were no irritation or rashes or breakouts.

You can get these from MIRA Dynamics' website, and I see they now have a whole new range of sponges to suit a variety of skin conditions. They sell for R99 a sponge which I think is incredible value for money, especially seeing as this basically replaces your cleanser for three months.

Have you ever tried these sponges? Let me know in the comments section!

Until next time!


*PR sample

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