03 November 2016

Review: Cipria Milano Keratin Hair Treatment

I recently wrote a post about what I bought from Cipria Milano (you can read it here), and I asked what you would like to see reviewed first. So today I'll be reviewing the Keratin Hair Treatment. The product is in the form of two very cool looking glass vials. The one vial contains a white liquid (the activator) and the other one contains a pink liquid (the reconstructor).

Firstly, my hair is in need of some serious TLC. I'd rather not say how long it's been since I've been to the hair salon, but, it's been long. I initially only wanted to grow out my ombre so that we could cut it off in one shot, without me having incredible short hair, but then life got in the way. Long story short, my hair is very dry and the ends are very straw-like. Never has there been a more perfect time for me to apply a keratin hair treatment!

What you will need

I chose a disposable plastic bowl just so that I know I don't accidentally contaminate anything that I might want to put food in later. The brush is a Uriage brush that I received as part of a free gift. I use it to apply my face masks, so I though it fitting to apply a hair mask. You also need a wide tooth comb, and of course, the Keratin treatment.

The first step is to break the white vial and pour the contents into the bowl. Then you break the pink vial and also pour the contents into the bowl. Then you take the brush and mix the two liquids together until the mixture turns into a frothy cream. You then apply this frothy cream to clean, towel dry hair. As an extra step I used a wide tooth comb to comb the product through my hair as well as eliminating any knots. The packaging then says to leave it on for 1-5 minutes, but I left it on for about 6-7 minutes. You then rinse it and you're done.

The mixture smells quite strong, but not in an ammoniac type of way. The mixture has the consistency of lightly beaten egg whites and it applies to the hair easily. When I rinsed my hair I could feel that my hair felt softer and a bit thicker. It also felt much smoother and there was no need to comb it out in the shower again.

I towel dried my hair and blasted it about 80% dry with the hair dryer before tying it up in a loose bun. After a few hours I took my hair out of the bun and you can see the results in the photos below. The lighting is a bit different than in the top photos, but you can see my hair is definitely more shiny and it also feels much softer and much less straw-like. After three days I would say the effect still lingers, but it's not like my hair has done a complete turnaround. That being said, I think that with regular use of the hair treatment my hair's condition will improve significantly, hair salon avoidance or not...

This hair treatment costs R49.95 for a single treatment and you can get it from Cipria Milano stores in Cape Gate, Sandton, and Mall of Africa.

Until next time!



  1. This looks awesome, wow. My hair is in some serious need of TLC. I cut my ends every 8 weeks and I have a few very good (and very expensive) high end hair masks which I use religiously, but my hair is just not getting any better on the long run. Why must life be so hard, lol.
    So I'll definitely be trying this very soon, thanks! :) xx

    1. And for R50, what do you have to lose? I hope this will help your hair! Thanks for commenting, Marné!