24 November 2016

Review: essence Matt Matt Matt lipgloss

I don't need more lipglosses, or any lip products for that matter, but when I heard that essence came out with a range of matt lipglosses, I was intrigued. The range contains five shades ranging from a nude and a very pale pink to a deep pink-red.

I picked up the shades "03 Girl of today" (left) and "02 Beauty approved" (right). Girl of today is a lot more natural when applied and comes out as a nude pink, a real my-lips-but-better shade. Beauty approved is a browny nude and looks amazing on the lips. It doesn't come across too brown and as it's a warm shade, it doesn't make me look like death. 

These lipglosses might look like liquid lipsticks, but they don't dry down at all. The texture is quite soft and mousse-ey, but still I'm not exactly sure how and why they call it a "lipgloss" if its mousse-ey and matt. It applies very easily with the spade-shaped applicator and I find the application to be quite fool-proof. It doesn't leave my lips chapped and the colour fades quite evenly.

The staying power of these products aren't the best, but than can be expected from something that doesn't dry down completely. That being said, reapplying it is easy and I quite enjoy feeling the mousse-ey texture spread across my lips! Also, it smells like creme caramel, so that's an added bonus.

As most of you are aware, I am a big fan of the essence Long Lasting Lip Liners (you can read about it here) and I was very excited to find that the shade "06 A girl's dream" is a match for the pinky lipgloss shown above. It's not exactly the same shade, but it's close enough that you can use the one on top of the other. Score!

These lipglosses remind me a lot of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in "Temptation" and in the bottom photo you can see the essence gloss and the Revlon liquid lipstick side-by-side. Know which one is which? Revlon is on the right. The Revlon product's texture is much more silky and glossy whereas the essence (lipgloss!) is more mousse-ey.

I'm thinking of picking up another shade or two, but I might steer clear of the pale pink as I fear that that's way too light and pale for my skintone. Have you tried any of the lipglosses? Let me know in the comment section!

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