06 October 2016

Cipria Milano Cosmetics - What I Bought

I have heard of Italian brand Cipria Milano before, but I've never tried any of their products. When I saw that they opened a store in the Mall of Africa, I went browsing. What immediately caught my eye was the fact that you could swatch and play with every single product in the store. Nothing was off limits. The lipstick and eyeshadow displays made me feel like a kid in a candy store! 

Cipria Single Eye Shadow

They have a lot of single eyeshadows, as well as two eyeshadows in a pan, and three eyeshadows in a pan. I settled on this single eyeshadow and as you can see it's quite big! The eyeshadow is buttery and seems to be quite pigmented when swatched. The colour is a stunning rich golden brown and the colour is quite metallic, without containing glitter.

Cipria Make-Up Cleanser

I was very intrigued when I saw this product. It's a brush cleanser in a spray can and is to be used for spot-cleaning. You spray it onto the bristles of dirty makeup brushes and then wipe the brushes on tissue paper or a cotton round. 

Cipria Keratin Reconstruction Vials

This is the product that I'm looking forward to trying the most: a keratin treatment that comes in two glass vials. As far as I understand you have to mix the contents of the two vials and then apply it onto your hair after shampooing. I can't wait to use this!

As far as I know there are Cipria Milano stores in the Mall of Africa, Sandton City, and Cape Gate (Brackenfell - my home town!). Have you ever bought anything from Cipria Milano? Let me know so that I can check it out next time I'm there. Also let me know which of these products you'd like to see an in-depth review on.

Until next time!



  1. Great haul. Definitely a review on the hair treatments would be awesome.