22 November 2017

Review: Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation

For a long time I've read about the Maybelline Fit Me! foundation on overseas blogs and I've also read South Africans moaning about the fact that we can't get it here (why, Maybelline?).  The foundation I'm referring to comes in a square bottle, so I'm not exactly sure if it's a different formulation or just different packaging. Anyway, today I'm reviewing the Fit Me! Matte + Poreless foundation for normal to oily skin.

First off, I like the packaging. The tube is small and compact but is still quite large in comparison to something like, say, the LA Girl Pro HD BB Cream. The see-through part of the tube is glossy and you can see the actual foundation. The top part of the tube is matte black, as well as the screw on lid. The light grey writing also offsets the matte black nicely.

This foundation is touted as a matte foundation that erases your pores and is suited for normal to oily skin. Right this way, please. I have combo skin which means that certain parts of my skin are normal and certain parts are oily. Finding a foundation that won't create shine all while not looking like a mask is not that easy to find.

I'm not sure how many shades there are but the shades do go quite dark, so it looks like they actually thought things through when they developed this, yes! I have the shade "120 Classic Ivory". I'm normally not an ivory kinda girl, I'm usually more of a classic/nude/sandy beige, but this is apparently the right shade for me.

The foundation itself is quite creamy and when you go to blend it it's a thin consistency, which is strange for a matte foundation. Usually matte foundations are thick and clay-like, but not this one. It blends easily with a beauty sponge and I don't get that mask-like look that I sometimes get with other matte foundations. I can't really say that it erases my pores, but it does sit nicely on the skin. I've worn it over both Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and Benefit's Pore-fessional and there was no pilling. Those two primers are on opposite ends of the texture scale so I think it's safe to say that this foundation will play nicely with most primers.

The foundation wears well and I don't find any patchiness or streakiness. I did notice that around my mouth I could kind of see the foundation throughout the day, but that might just be due to my skin not looking it's very best or me not blending in the foundation enough.

All in all I really like this foundation and will continue to use it. It retails for roughly R94 at Clicks and Dischem which isn't a bad price for a foundation, in my opinion.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. I use shade 110. For me, this is an okay mixer foundation. My tube's foundation is thin and runny. I have mainly oily/combo skin and find that this doesn't keep me matte all day. Sometimes it looks pretty okay alone on my skin, and other times, I just can't stand it. This is why it's mostly relegated to a mixing foundation. Won't be repurchasing this one, sadly!

    1. Oh no! I've also had that where someone raved about a foundation and I'm like...mine is runny? Do you use a primer underneath? I always try to use a primer, setting powder, and setting spray so that everything stays in place. I might need to try this foundation without all those things... Thanks for commenting!