04 July 2016

The Micellar Water You Can't Use On Your Eyes

Ever since I've used the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water, I've been loving these fuss-free makeup removers. If you're not familiar with the product, micellar water is a cleansing water that you apply to a cotton pad and gently rub over your face, removing anything from lipstick to foundation to waterproof mascara. It's very gentle and very effective. Bioderma makes a micellar water for sensitive skin and one for oily/combo skin, and recently a third one has also been added to the line-up (I haven't seen it yet). A while back I started using the Garnier micellar waters which, in my opinion, is just as good as the Bioderma ones but at a fraction of the cost. Garnier also makes two variants. For the past few years I have mostly used micellar water at night to take off my makeup, and as a beauty product junkie I am always looking out for the next amazing product. You can thus imagine my excitement at seeing that DirtyWorks at Clicks now also has a micellar water.

Dirty Works 3-in-1 Gentle Micellar Cleansing Water

Sadly, this product did not amaze me. I do love the packaging of this micellar water as it reminds me of the quirky branding of the much-loved Soap & Glory. It states that it removes grime and makeup while improving hydration. It is not fragranced and is suitable for all skin types. This product boasts hyaluronic acid as well as hibiscus extract (to condition the skin and restore the skin's natural glow), but both ingredients are very low on the ingredients list.

The first time I used this, I applied it on two cotton pads which I proceeded to slap on my eyeshadow-covered eyelids. Big mistake. It stung like a mofo and after rinsing my eyes out it still stung after five minutes. When I could finally see I turned the bottel over and read that you are not supposed to use it on your eyes. A micellar water that you can't/shouldn't use on your eyes? Got it.

It is fragrance-fee, but to me, that means it smells like ear drops (I'm weird, I know) and I really dislike that smell. I also didn't feel like it took off my makeup properly. My skin was left a bit tight and dry afterward, so I can't really say that this product "improves hydration". At close to R130 (I stand corrected) for 250ml I don't think this is money well-spent and I'd much rather buy a 400ml bottle of Garnier micellar water for R80 (or R63.95 from Clicks at the moment).

Have you ever tried this micellar water? What did you think? Please let me know.

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  1. I bought this too, but haven't used it yet.. Now I wanna return it! :)

    1. Well maybe it'll work for you, who knows? :) Thanks for commenting!