11 July 2016

Rain Africa Comes to Pretoria!

As much as I like Rain Africa (I reviewed some of their products here), I can count the times I have been to one of their stores on my one hand. The only time I have been to Rain was when we went to Cape Town to visit the family and we happened to go to the V&A Waterfront. During the past month, however, Rain Africa has opened quite a few stores in Pretoria East and I couldn't be more happy. In April they opened a store in Woodlands Boulevard (one of my favourite malls), and during the past two weeks they opened a store in Brooklyn Mall and on 2 July one in The Grove (which is basically walking distance from me!). The next store opening will be in Menlyn sometime in July (if it isn't already open!)

I went to the opening of their store on the 2nd of July and was blown away by how beautiful the store is. There were a lot of people inside so I felt a bit weird taking photos, but you really have to see for yourself. It's so tranquil and calming and it smells incredible. There are different "stations" for different type of products or collections. In the middle of the store is a large table with all their bath salts, bath bombs, and bath eggs. As with everything Rain, all their products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, as well as supporting the "beauty without cruelty" movement. Everything  in the store looks and smells delicious and at last I settled on these incredible rock mint natural bath salts. 

The packaging is clean and elegant and the smell is strong and delicious. The mint comes through very strongly and I can imagine that this will make a great soak for tired and aching muscles, but also for stuffy noses. On the label it says that it's ideal for use as a herbal foot soak in spas and home foot baths. It contains, among other things, salt and peppermint oil and the directions state to sprinkle two tablespoons of these into your bathwater. I can't wait to try it!

Upon checkout I received this handmade 100% Natural Olive Oil Soap which would make the perfect gift or the perfect guest soap in the bathroom. Rain has many great gift ideas, whether you are spoiling yourself or someone else!

Have you ever been to Rain before? What can you recommend? Come on, enable me.

Until next time!



  1. Love Rain so much, it's basically always my first choice for gifts! I love the entire Wild Cotton range - the scent is so clean and fresh!

    1. It's the best place for gifts! My personal favourite is the Biologie range. Thanks for commenting, Laura!

  2. Wild Cotton and Savannah ranges!