24 December 2015

So long, 2015

When you read this the husband and I will be in one of our favourite places in the world: Wilderness. We are staying there for a few nights after which we will be visiting family in George until just after Christmas. Then off to Cape Town to stay with my mom until early in the New Year. I am excited to get away as this has been a long and, mostly, torturous year.

This is my last blog post for 2015 and I'll be back early in January with my favourite things from the past year. I hope you all have a pleasant festive season and that you enjoy the time away from work, wether with family or elsewhere. For those of you who are travelling, please be safe.

I would also like to thank all my readers for your continued support. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on my posts, and thank you for all the social media love. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Until next year!


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