17 December 2015

New Collection: Wet N Wild Silver Lake

I was browsing the makeup isles of a different Clicks than usual, and I spotted a new collection on the Wet N Wild shelf. There wasn't really any info about it, but from what I could gather from the internet is that it's called "Silver Lake" (not the one in Pretoria East, ha!) and that it came out in the northern hemisphere's spring. So this collection is actually quite a few months old already, but it seems that we've received it to coincide with our summer, which makes sense. Because the collection has already been discontinued overseas, I am having trouble locating official images showcasing the entire collection. The only products I saw at Clicks were nail polishes and eyeshadow palettes, but I don't know if there are more items in the collection.

Eyeshadow palette in "Vinyl collection"

There are five eyeshadow palettes, each containing six shadows. The palettes all contain pastels and range from blushes and pinks to blues, to turquoise and marine shades, to an orchid-inspired palette, to nudes. Obviously I went for the nudes because as pretty as the other palettes are, I can't see myself applying blue or blush eyeshadow.

"Vinyl collection" contains warm toned autumnal colours. There is one matte shade, two metallic sheeny shades, two shades with shimmer, and one with full-on glitter. The matte camel colour (top left) is silky and buttery and is great for using all over the lid. The shadow top right is a bronzy gold with glitter, but looks beautiful at night. The second row contains a shimmery gold (more yellow than the previous shade) and a metallic taupe. The bottom row contains a metallic khaki green and a shimmery rich cocoa brown with gold shimmer particles. All the shades apply beautifully and blend well. I like wearing the camel shade all over the lid with the metallic taupe and the cocoa brown in the crease. Wear-time is what we've come to expect from Wet N Wild, as is the price. I think this palette was around R75 which is very good value for money considering you get six good-quality eyeshadows.

Nail polishes

There are six nail polishes in the collection, all creamy and pastel. I bought four but only kept three as one is part of a Christmas gift. There is a watermelon pink ("Warm filter"), a shimmery periwinkle ("Wear skinny jeans"), a mint green ("Tree hugger"), a lilac ("Reject the mainstream"), and then a pinky nude and a mushroom grey nude.

I haven't worn any of the nail polishes, but I'm pretty sure it's going to apply - and wear - like a dream. You can go take a look here for swatches.

The more I look at photos of the other eyeshadow palettes on the internet, the more I wonder how I would look with blush shades on my eyes... Be right back, just going to Clicks quickly!

Until next time!



  1. Haha! We got the same palette and I got Warm Filter and I Love Skinny Jeans too!!! I also saw the range in store down here in Durban and just couldn't resist. I'm also currently wearing I Love Skinny Jeans and it is gorgeous!!

    1. Those nail polish shades have to be some of the prettiest I've seen in a while! Enjoy it, Jane, and thanks for stopping by!