19 November 2015

My Christmas Lush Haul

I love am obsessed with Lush, but I find their products very expensive so I tend to only buy items from the limited edition collections a few times a year. I then save these items and enjoy them throughout the rest of the year. This past weekend I went to the new Lush store in Rosebank, Johannesburg, and I picked up a few Christmas goodies.

On a side-note: every major area in South Africa now seems to have at least one Lush store. Cape Town has three, Durban has at least one, Johannesburg has two, and I heard that Pretoria will be getting one very very soon. Fingers crossed and wallets tucked away!

Shower gels

As someone who only takes baths in the dead of winter, I'm much more attracted to Lush's shower gel offerings (as you can see from my obscene number of shower gels). Rose Jam is a favourite that I discovered last year and I just had to get the biggest bottle there is. It contains organic Turkish rose (rose oil and rose absolute), sweet Fair Trade vanilla, and argan oil, so it leaves your skin super soft although the shower gel itself doesn't feel creamy. It smells like roses and Turkish Delight, but it's not sickly sweet. I adore the smell and I have to try hard not to lick the bottle.

Snow Fairy is another favourite and this will be my third bottle (I'm currently still working my way through a large bottle that I purchased last year). This is a much "younger" fragrance in the sense that it's very pink and smells very sweet (it smells like raspberry cooldrink). It contains carrageenan seaweed extract to soften the skin.

The Yuzu And Cocoa shower cream is the brightest and the first yellow shower cream I have ever owned. It contains fresh yuzu juice (a type of Asian citrus), cocoa and tonka absolutes, as well as grapefruit and bergamot oils. It really does smell like chocolate oranges, and although I don't like the combination of chocolates and oranges, this does smell simply divine. It's a very runny consistency for a shower cream, which I learned the hard way.

The last shower cream is the only one that I have a matching bath bomb of: Lord of Misrule. This bright Christmassy green (slightly shimmery) shower cream smells exactly like the bath bomb. It contains wheatgerm oil (excellent for moisturising), black pepper, patchouli oils, and Fair Trade vanilla absolute. The scent is difficult to describe, but it's herby and spicy, and the vanilla definitely cuts through the spiciness and makes it absolutely incredible. 

Bath bombs

First up is the Yog Nog bath ballistic. Oh my goodness... I've heard people sing the praises of the Yog Nog soap, and this apparently smells exactly the same. It smells like toffee with a hint of spiciness. It contains clove bud oil, ylang ylang oil, cocoa powder, and Christmas spices. I can't keep my nose out of the packet and I can't wait to dive into a bath with this toffee ball!

The other bath bomb I bought is the Lord of Misrule. As mentioned earlier in the post, the bath bomb and the shower cream smell the same, and I think it will be a nice combo to use together in the bath. This is one of my favourite scents from the Christmas collection.

I wanted to buy the Cinders bath ballistic, but I keep missing it, both in-store and online. One day she will be mine! What other suggestions do you have for Christmas goodies? I might just put in a small order when Cinders comes back in stock...

Until next time!


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