26 November 2015

Empties Post #6: Body Scrubs

I thought I'd do an empties post today, seeing as I have a lot of them lying around. You know those times when everything feels like it's being finished at the same time? Well I think that time's come for me! Today's post will focus on body scrubs. I was quite surprised to see how many empty body scrub containers I have accumulated, but I suppose that just means I like to exfoliate!

The Body Shop really do make some of the best body scrubs and as you can see, they are my favourites. The Early-harvest Raspberry body scrub looks and smells like raspberry jam. It's a juicy plum-coloured scrub with an almost jelly-like consistency. It contains raspberry pips and it's a nice and gentle scrub. The smell is simply amazing and I will definitely be repurchasing this if I can find it (I believe it to be limited edition).

The Vanilla Brulee body polish is another limited edition Christmas product, oops. It comes in a tube and is a thick, slightly gritty, cream. It's a pale yellow colour and reminds me of vanilla custard, hmmm! It has a deliciously warm and comforting scent and it polishes the skin nicely. I will repurchase this if I can find it again, although it doesn't seem to be in stores this year.

The Honeymania body scrub is the same consistency as the vanilla one: it looks like a body butter, but it has a slight grit to it. It smells like honey and wildflowers and isn't sickly sweet at all. It's a lovely comforting smell and the scrub leaves your skin silky smooth without turning it red.

Another brand whose body scrubs I love is local company Sorbet. I received the Sorbet Renew Salt Polisher from the Spa Escape range as part of a gift and I was smitten. I can't even begin to explain the scent. Due to the colour of the packaging I thought it would have a marine scent, but instead it has a slightly sweet spa scent. It's incredible and I can't keep my nose out of the tub! As the name suggests it's a salt scrub which means it's very scrubby, but the oil added to the body scrub keeps it from being abrasive. In fact, after a body scrubbing session you might get away with not applying a body lotion afterwards. I will definitely buy another one of these.

Two honourable mentions go to another two local brands: Blendbox and Rain. The Blendbox Grace Body Scrub smells just as amazing as the Sorbet scrub: a little bit like cream soda, a little bit like sour jelly sweets, and a little bit like a spa. It's also a salt and oil scrub so it removes all the dead skin cells as well as moisturising your skin. It's a lovely product and I can highly recommend it. The Rain Biologie Kalahari Melon & Honeybush body polish is a seductive blend of local ingredients. It's also an oil-based scrub so it leaves your skin beautifully polished and moisturised. It smells like Rooibos tea and honey and wild flowers. It's an amazing product and also one I would recommend.

That was it for my body scrubs! Looking back I realise that I loved them all equally and my preference only depends on the ease of availability and price: The Body Shop might be a bit more expensive than the rest, but there's a store in every large mall and they always have sales! Which body scrubs would you recommend I try? Come on, enable me.

Until next time!



  1. If there's one "thing" I've been into this year, it must be body scrubs. And I can hardly believe it, I've only tried one of the ones you mentioned (the Sorbet one, which I also like).
    Sorbet has another one from the Sensual range, Polish up Salt Scrub. Also divine if you're into sweet scents, I really like it.
    And them I'm also trying two of Lush's body scrubs, Buffy and Rub Rub Rub Solid, which are also nice.
    I have to agree, they're all nice and I've never come across a body scrub that I hated or that I loved so much that I would just stick to that one. Have to agree that it comes down to price and availability :) xx

    1. I've seen the new Sorbet scrub but haven't tried it yet. Putting it on the list, thank you! I've tried Lush's Buffy scrub but it didn't blow me away, to be honest, I felt that I used it up too quickly for the price. I might check out the other one! Thanks for commenting, Marné! x

  2. I was so bleak to see that the vanilla range wasn't available in December. The vanilla scent is my favourite, so I always look out for it when it is released. Maybe this year I'll be lucky!

    That Sorbet scrub is magnificent. I love-love-love the scent and it actually feels decently scrubby (I like harsher scrubs - favourite being S&G The Breakfast Scrub)

    1. I think they try to rotate the fragrances, so maybe you'll be lucky this December! It sounds like we have similar taste in scrubs-- The Breakfast Scrub is also a favourite of mine. Just wish it was easier to get hold of! Thank you for commenting!