09 July 2015

Unboxing: The Test Box - July

Another month, another exciting subscription box from The Test Box! This month's offering is aimed at blonde ladies. I myself am not blonde, but my hair is ombré, so I figure I can still get away with using it.

This month's box includes a Tigi Dumb Blonde Shampoo (50 ml) and Tigi Dumb Blonde Conditioner (50 ml), as well as a Tigi Afterparty Smoothing Cream (10 ml). The shampoo is a super fun pastel purple and the conditioner is a banana yellow. They both smell like sweets, which you know is always a plus point for me. The smoothing cream is a thick white cream and smells very luxurious.

The reason these bottles look different than usual, is because The Test Box came up with a very smart plan to give us samples of the best possible products. Samples are quite hard to come by, and there aren't always samples available of the products that they want us to try, so they decided to produce their own adorable little bottles and decant the products of their choice. So now the sky's the limit!

This box costs R160, and you can even pay it off over a certain period. For more details on the pricing and the payment options, hop on over to The Test Box's website.

Will you try this? Let my know in the comments section!

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