13 July 2015

Five Favourite Lip Balms for Winter

I don't know about you, but my lips have been giving me hell these past weeks. I'm very lucky in that I don't get cold sores and that my lips don't chap as badly as when I was younger, but man, they've been dry. It feels like no matter what I put on my lips, they just drink it right up and ask for more. The gentle lip balms that I've been using during the summer no longer work, and I had to bring out the big guns. Below are my top five picks for lip balms during the cold, dry winter months.

Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter

The lip butter has a clear gel-cream texture and glides onto the lips. It leaves a bit of a sheen, so it's nice when your lips absolutely need some lip butter, but you still want a bit of gloss. It doesn't feel greasy or oily, and it sinks into the lips over time. It doesn't dry out my lips and feels very comfortable. Plus it smells exactly like chocolate and cherry, I mean!

I can't remember the price, but I bought it at Dischem for under R50 (in the isle leading to the tills along with the other lip balms).

Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm

This little pot of wonder deserves its cult following, as well as its price tag. At R150 for a 15 g glass jar it's not the cheapest of lip balms, but trust me when I say that it's worth it. I recently posted a photo on Instagram where I showed my empty lip balm pot (pictured in this post is my second pot). I've been using this every single night that I've been home (about 90% of the time), and it's taken me a year to finish it.

The lip balm is dark yellow and has a very thick consistency. The colder the weather, the thicker the balm becomes. It contains honey, plant oils, shea butter, and grapefruit extract (hence the slight citrus fragrance). With this thick balm you only need a tiny bit to smooth onto dry lips. I only apply this at night, as I don't think it will make a very even base for applying lipstick. I wake up to soft and smooth lips.

You can buy this online (I bought mine at back in the day) or at selected Foschini stores. Oh, and this specific pot with the green lid is an anniversary edition to mark the 20th anniversary of Rêve de Miel lip balm, so that should tell you something!

REN Vita Mineral Lip Balm

I recently spoke about this lip balm here. It only launched a month ago, but it's fast becoming a favourite of mine. It smells exactly like the much-loved Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (marmalade, basically), and is an amazing lip balm. It's a thick off-white cream and applies nicely to the lips. From the first application you can feel that your lips are in good hands: the lip balm doesn't just sit on top of your lips, you can feel it actively getting to work to moisturise your lips. 

You can buy this for R150 from REN's online store, or at stores selling REN products (Woolworths, Foschini, etcetera).

Oh-lief Natural Lip Balm (Grapefruit)

This product is all-natural and proudly South African. The cute little tin houses the most delicious olive oil and grapefruit balm. The balm is thick and dark yellow, and as soon as you apply it to your lips, the waxy texture melts into a beautifully fragrant oil. I applied this to my lips an hour ago just to refresh my memory, and I can still feel it. It's ever so slightly greasy, but in a "my lips are being taken care of" way. Oh-lief as a brand has positively exploded in South Africa and their products are now also stocked in selected Woolworths stores.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (Raspberry)

The last item on my list is technically not a lip balm, but it does save dry lips. The Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is quite a new addition to the brand and has only been available in South Africa since mid-May. The one I'm using is the limited edition shade/scent called "Raspberry", while the permanent shade/scent is "Honey". I've spoken about the lip oil here and here.

The consistency of the oil really surprised me... I initially thought that it would be an oil-oil, like the ones you rub on your body, or use to take your makeup off. Instead, this oil is quite thick and feels like a lip gloss. Don't let that put you off, though, as it is absolute heaven for dry lips. The oil adds a beautiful gloss to the lips, and stays put for hours. It almost feels like it forms a protective barrier between your lips and the outside world, and moisturises your lips in the process. After using this my lips are soft and smooth and never chapped.

At R250 this is quite a pricey purchase, but why not treat your lips to some luxury lip oils? You can buy this from Clarins counters or online at Red Square.

Which of these have you tried? Do you have other options for me to try? Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time!



  1. I've used the Palmer's one and used to love it, but found so many nice options that replaced it. I have the Nuxe one and I ADORE it. It now has a permanent spot on my bedside table.

    The Piz Buin sun lipbalm is incredible and really does a great job at prepping lips for lipstick, and I recently bought the Letibalm when I was man down with flu, and it works amazingly as a lipbalm too - really does leave my lips much softer and smoother.

    1. Ooooh those sounds like fab suggestions! I actually have the Piz Buin, but I've never used it as I always thought of it as a "summer" lip balm. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Siobhan!

  2. That Clarins lip oil is everything!!!

    1. It is! I'm dreading the day mine is finished. Which will probably be in a month...