06 April 2018

Dipping My Toe Into the K-Beauty Pool: K-Beauty Shopping List

I've always been very intrigued by other people's skincare routines, but even more so by K-Beauty routines. A skincare routine consisting of 10 steps that lead to the most perfect skin ever? Uhm, sign me up, please! Although I don't always even follow all the steps in my own skincare routine, there is a lot we can learn from K-Beauty routines.

When we went to Italy in November I bought a few K-Beauty things from Sephora (you can see my haul here), but I didn't do any research beforehand so I ended up only getting a few sheet masks and not any skincare except for a face wash and an eye cooling stick. 

I saw someone on Twitter posting about a new South African online shop (Glow Theory) who only sell K-Beauty products and I immediately investigated. Glow Theory was born out of necessity: it's not like we can easily get K-Beauty products here in South Africa! I have a few Tony Moly "I'm real" sheet masks and I can tell you, it's a fraction of the price at Glow Theory (R40!)... The rest of the products also seem reasonably priced, although I didn't compare the entire store's pricing to the likes of Sephora (my frame of reference).

I signed up and received a R100 voucher to spend on anything in the store, which I think is a big bonus. That R100 will cover the shipping (shipping is quite expensive, but it is next day courier) and a bit more. My only problem is: what to buy? "Everything" is unfortunately not an option. I then obviously took the next logical step and started googling what to buy. I came across this article entitled "The K-Beauty Products and Hacks a Flight Attendant Swears By". As I started searching for the products mentioned in the article on Glow Theory,  I saw that quite a few of the products were there! This is both a good and a very, very bad thing! Last week Julia from All Dolled Up uploaded a video where she unboxed her K-Beauty haul from Glow Theory and that gave me the kick in the butt to work on my wishlist some more... Below is my current wishlist.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has fascinated me for a long time and I'm super stoked that I now have the opportunity to purchase it locally. It comes in two flavours (vanilla and berry) and is a cross between a lip balm and a mask that you apply to your lips before you go to bed. You apparently wake up with super soft and hydrated lips. Sign me up! This costs R365 for a small jar (I'm sure it'll last a while) and I have my eye on the berry flavour.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine sounds like something straight out of a "plastic surgery gone bad" TV show, but in actual fact it is chemical exfoliating pads that contain a wine extract. Apparently each pad has a textured and a smooth side: you use the textured side to exfoliate your skin and then flip the pad around and use the smooth side to wipe away any dead skin cells. This costs R385.

Son & Park Beauty Water is an interesting product. It sounds like it might be a micellar water, but it's touted as a "cleansing water" that can also be used as an exfoliating toner. It contains all sorts of goodies like willow bark and papaya extract (to gently remove dead skin cells), and rose water, lavender water and orange extract for hydration. It's apparently very gentle on the skin. The 60 ml bottle costs R155 and the 340 ml bottle costs R455.

The Tony Moly I'm Real sheet masks are amazing and each one is for a different skin goal, whether it be hydration or radiance. I don't know how many different masks you get, but Glow Theory has avocado (nutrition), lemon (brightening), pomegranate (elasticity), red wine (pore care), tea tree (soothing), tomato (radiance), broccoli (vitality), and aloe (moisturising). At R40 a sheet mask these masks are on par with the masks we can get at Clicks and Dischem. I've only used the avocado sheet mask that I bought from Sephora and I absolutely loved it - I will definitely be stocking up on a couple of these masks.

After reading the descriptions I want pretty much all the J.One products stocked on Glow theory! The J.One Jelly Pack Vita Mask sounds very intriguing: it's a two-step treatment sheet mask to hydrate, firm, and soften fine lines. The first step is a sheet mask and the second step is a sample of the cult Jelly Pack which is a miracle combination of a moisturiser and a primer. You can purchase this as a single-serving pack or as a box of five (it works out R53 per mask for a box and R60 for a single-serving).

The Banila Co Clean It Zero Classic is a balm cleanser and is apparently a cult classic among K-Beauty devotees. I love balm cleansers so I'm sure I'll enjoy using this! You can buy this one or a big tub, and there's also a version for super sensitive skin. The normal sized tub costs R345 (100 ml) and the big tub (180 ml) costs R395.

On the makeup front I have two eyeshadow products on my wishlist, both from The Saem. First up is the Eco Soul Water Eye Tint (R145) and the Eco Soul Glam Eyes (R145). Tati from Glam Life Guru raved about these two products, and after seeing Julia from All Dolled Up swatch the ones she purchased, I am now sold. The water eye tint is basically a cream eyeshadow in a tube with a doe foot applicator, and the glam eyes is a pressed pigment eyeshadow. Stunning!

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  1. You have to try the J One mask!!!! I have a second one stashed now as it's that good and I'm saving it for a special occasion like a wedding or something.. amazing!

    1. Oh my word! Then I definitely need to get my hands on it! Thanks for the tip and thanks for commenting!