20 March 2017

Retail Therapy: Where I Buy My Beauty and Skincare

I honestly don't know if anyone will be interested in this, but I thought that I'd just list where I buy my skincare, haircare, and makeup. Let me know if this is helpful at all?

Bargain Betty

I don't consider myself a Bargain Betty in the true sense of the word, because then I wouldn't have nearly as much makeup and skincare products as I do now! I don't often pay full-price for something, but if I do, I make sure that it's worth my while. I subscribe to newsletters (sometimes to my detriment!) and I keep an eye out on Twitter or on those pamphlets they put in your post box along with the weekly community newspaper. If I see I'm running low on something, or if there's something that I really, really want, I make a mental note of it. Sometimes these products will be on a 20% off sale or a 3-for-2 sale.

Clicks and Dischem

Clicks and Dischem are the two big "drugstores" in South Africa and I always compare their prices as they stock a lot of the same products. Clicks regularly have 3-for-2 sales and they've expanded the sale to include ALL skincare, beauty, and makeup products. As long as it's three items from the same brand, you're getting the cheapest of the three products for free. I mostly buy essence, NYX, cotton rounds (they usually have the three-packs on a 3-for-2 sale), Sorbet products, shower gel, body lotion, tampons, razor blades, and haircare from Clicks. On the current sale I have my eye on some NYX products as well as new launches from Maybelline. I get my medication from Dischem (just because it's more convenient), but many times they are cheaper than Clicks (Neutrogena serum, I'm looking at you), but they don't regularly have 3-for-2 specials. Dischem stocks LA Girl and Catrice, which are both brands that I love.

Both companies have loyalty cards and you can get cash back with both. Both also have a click-and-collect service where you order online and then go to the store to collect your goodies. I've only tried this service with Dischem, but it worked quite well.

Retail Box

I don't shop at Retail Box that often, but I like shopping their sales because my beloved Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner is regularly on sale. Their Secret Boxes are also great and I look forward to getting my hands on a box suited to my hair in the near future. Their product range is also extensive and they sell makeup and nail care items as well. If you live in Cape Town (northern suburbs) you can collect your order from their warehouse. Their service and communication is impeccable and delivery is very quick. 

Runway Sale

I've only recently rediscovered Runway Sale. A new event (or two) launches every day of the week and then ends at a certain time. I've bought a Beauty Blender at about half the price, as well as REN and SAMPAR products (I'll do a post on these later). They have anything from makeup to watches to handbags to clothes, depending on the event. The only downside is that you have to pay R45 shipping fee no matter how big or small your order, and you have to wait around three weeks for your order to arrive. So you have to decide what's more important: paying less and waiting longer, or paying normal retail prices and getting it sooner?


Takealot isn't a website you would normally associate with beauty products, but they've expanded their lineup considerably in the past few years. Name a beauty or makeup product and they probably have it. They also regularly have sales where you get anything up to 20% off. I've bought a facial steamer, perfume, and a lot of Real Techniques makeup brushes from them. They have Daily Deals  and there's a very cool app where you can easily order your goodies from. Their service is impeccable and their delivery is super fast (except in December, don't even go there) and there have even been times where I've gotten my order a few days before the expected time of arrival.

The Body Shop

I absolutely love The Body Shop's skincare and body care products. Their shower creams, body butters, and masks are all heavenly. If there's a new skincare product, I'll buy it and there will be a very good chance that I'll love it! I also love shopping for gifts, whether for myself or someone else. They regularly have 3-for-2 specials, 20% off specials, or even 50% off specials. Having a loyalty card lets you in on Secret Sales and secures your discount. You also get a R50 voucher in your birthday month and you get cash back for every purchase you make (you get it back as a digital voucher). They will also let you use multiple vouchers at once, so it's worth saving up those digital vouchers!


Once or twice a year Woolworths has a Beauty Fair where you buy three products and get 20% off. This is combined with "gift with purchase" deals, so if you're clever you can get a lot of bounty for your money. I like to use the Beauty Fair to stock up on Clarins skincare where you always get a nice gift with your purchase.


To be honest, I don't really shop at Edgars. They have a "Thank U" loyalty card where you get cash back, but it's usually not worth it. I've had so many incident where I turned around and left the store in a huff - without my purchase - because there's always some issue with my points. The points will be doubled for that weekend but for some or other reason mine won't be. And then the system will be off, you know how it goes... That being said, they have a Red Carpet Sale once or twice a year that is quite fantastic. Usually you get R100 off if you spend R500, R200 off R1,000, and R400 off R2,000. So if you've had your eye on a Chanel lipstick, a Dior foundation, or a perfume, this will be the perfect opportunity to buy it. There's no limit on how many items you have to spend, so you can buy one thing or 10, it doesn't matter.

The Cosmetics Company Store

Now this is a bit of a Johannesburg and Pretoria secret. Dotted around Joburg and PTA are Estee Lauder "factory shops" which sell Estee Lauder-owned makeup, skincare, and fragrances at 30% below the normal retail prices. These items are overstocked or discontinued, so there's nothing wrong with them. I have gotten incredible deals, but I've also gone to the store three times in a row and each time walked out empty-handed because the items weren't what I was interested in. Some of the items I've bought there: Clarins Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, Bobbi Brown foundation stick, Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette compact, and MAC lipsticks.

Where do you find the best deals for skincare and makeup? Let me know in the comments section!

Until next time!


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