15 August 2016

New In: Catrice "Bold softness" LE Collection

Another month another launch of a Catrice limited edition collection! These days the launch of a new Catrice collection has got me all excited, much more so than a new essence launch. I still like essence a lot, but I feel that their limited collections are a bit...young for me. The Catrice collections, on the other hand, are right up my alley. The latest collection called "Bold softness" has just landed in Dischem stores and I've picked up a few products to show you.

Duo Eyeshadow in "C02 Mauve Medley"

These eyeshadows come in three shades, namely this mauve shade, a rosy pink, and a mint green. Being the nude-lover that I am, this seemed right up my alley. Upon initial inspection it looked brown, and when swatching it it looks pinky brown. On the eyes, however, it looks more pinky purple, and is nothing like anything else I own. The colour in the inner circle is lighter and a bit more shimmery and looks good all over the lid. The colour in the outer circle is darker and more matte and is a good crease colour. It's quite buttery and there is minimal fallout. With a primer it lasts quite well. 

Voluminous Lip Color in "C01 NeopRED"

These lipsticks are available in red and pink and both shades are very soft but buildable. Do not expect a vibrant, bold pop of colour. The red is very hydrating and creamy, but that also means that it doesn't last well on the lips. The fact that it is not overly pigmented does, however, mean that it doesn't fade unevenly or get patchy. It doesn't chap my lips and overall I like this as a good everyday lipstick option.

Colour Correcting Powder in "C01 Correction 'n Perfection"

I think this is the product that everyone is most excited for in this collection. The packaging is a beautiful shiny white compact with a mirror. It also clicks shut with a satisfying sound. The powder is creamy and buttery and is super fine and light. It contains three colours, mint, peach, and brown, and there are bubbles embossed in the powder, making it look super cool and luxurious. These past few days I've used it to set my undereye concealer and to smooth over a few textured patches on my skin. I really like this powder and I would recommend you snap this up before it's sold out.

Perfume stick in "C01 Walk on air"

This is such a cool product, and it now lives in my handbag. This is perfume in crayon form. Not a solid perfume that is in a pot, no, this is a pencil. The tip is see-through and slightly jelly-like and glides across the skin smoothly. I just "write" across my skin with the pencil and that's it. It smells fresh and floral, but luckily not sickly sweet. I don't know if you can sharpen this, but when it's blunt I'll give it a try, because it will be a shame if this is the only quantity I can use.

There are also four "Satin matt" nail polishes in the range that look very good, but frankly, I have enough nail polishes so I didn't pick any up.

Have you tried anything from this collection? Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time!



  1. The polishes are amazing, I think they are the best thing from this collection. I am also a huge fan of the powder and eyeshadow duos though.

  2. Ooooooh then I *must* try the polishes! Thank you for commenting!