04 June 2015

Clarins Garden Escape Collection

Clarins launched their new collection called "Garden Escape" in the middle of May. I have read many a review about this collection and although everyone reviews the same products, I can't seem to get enough of all the different views! Today I'll be telling you about two of the products that I purchased, and my thoughts on them.

The Garden Escape collection consists of the six-colour eyeshadow palette (limited edition), two lip oils (honey and raspberry of which raspberry is limited edition), two new shades of their Joli Rouge Brilliant lipsticks, a new Blush Prodige shade, a new Crayon Kohl Eye Pencil, and six brand new Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector Balms (the balm version of the beloved Lip Perfectors in the tubes). For descriptions and prices on all the different items, head on over to the Clarins SA website.

Garden Escape 6-Colour Eye Palette (limited edition)

If you're a sucker for packaging, then you'll fall in love with this palette. The eyeshadow palette looks like one of those classy cigaret cases that made smoking look so damn cool in all the old movies. It's solid and sturdy and has the most beautiful pattern embossed on the lid. I could really just stare at it for hours! The palette also comes in the signature Clarins red velvet pouch, adding to the swoon-factor.

According to the website, "Clarins pays homage to sunny days with a harmony of long-lasting and smoothing satin and pearly eyeshadows. A flower decorates the palette in reference to the freshness of the six shades."

The inside of the palette is even more beautiful. The entire lid is a mirror, and the six eyeshadows are nice and big. There is also a delicate floral pattern embossed on the eyeshadows, and I'm currently trying to keep my brush away from the delicate pattern. From left to right the shades are frosty white, dark mossy green, light khaki green, medium pink, light pink, and a chocolate-ice-cream taupe.

The eyeshadows are the weirdest texture that I've ever used. They are buttery and creamy, but in a way totally different to what I'm used to in eyeshadows. It's almost like you're putting light butter cream on your eyelids! The eyeshadows apply beautifully and are so vibrant, but I find that they don't blend together very easily. I use the "cheat sheet" card included and apply the eyeshadows as indicated (without overlapping the shades), and then I blend like crazy. Most people are scared of the green eyeshadows, and at first I was too, but all the shades just work so well together. All the shade choices have been thought out carefully and can be combined to create beautiful eye looks.

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in "02 Raspberry" (limited edition)

This is the other limited edition item in the collection and probably the one that created the most buzz. We have heard about oils for cleansing, for moisturising hair, face, body, nails, you name it, but lips?! I had it in my head that this was going to be, well, an oil, and that it was going to sink into my lips and that would be that. This lip oil feels much more like a lipgloss than a lip oil. It smoothes into your lips beautifully with the fat doe foot applicator that should rather be called a "cat foot" applicator. You kind of just want to sit there and apply lip oil to your lips for half an hour! It adds a glossy finish to your lips and it makes you feel like there's a barrier between your dry lips and the harsh cold outside. That being said, it's not gloopy or sticky at all. It's the perfect balance between a gloss and an oil. It also doesn't leave my lips chapped and flakey like so many other "lip saviours" tend to do. It sits comfortably on your lips and after a few hours you can feel it sinking in. You can apply some more oil on top without obtaining that usual disgusting look when you re-apply lipstick or lipgloss.

Next on my list is the blush and one of the lip perfector balms. Have you tried any of these yet? Let me know in the comments section.

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