06 April 2015

Review: Veaudry myEasycomb

Since cutting my hair at the end of January (and again about two weeks ago), I have been experimenting with different ways of styling my hair. And by "different ways" I mean "ways that will make me look good with minimum time and effort". I've been alternating between my hourglass curling wand and my straightener, and today's review is about a product that will make straighten your hair easier...

The Veaudry myEasycomb*

This funky looking comb is otherwise known as a "V-comb": viewed from the side it's in the shape of a V (when open). When you close the comb (like a pair of tongs), the teeth of the comb fit into the slit on the other end of the V. The next three photos show you how the two parts of the comb fit into each other.

You comb a section of hair with the myEasyComb and then "chase" the section of hair with the straightening iron. Normally I use my hand to hold a section of hair and then end up burning myself! With this comb, it's a "hands-free" approach! Perfect sectioning and no more burning yourself. If you're still confused, click here for a short clip showing you how to use it.

You can buy this on RetailBox for R195.

Do you think something like this could save you time and hassle? Let me know!

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* Press sample

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