13 November 2014

Review: Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eyeshadow Palette

My love for eyeshadows (and eyeshadow palettes) have been well-documented. Add to that a nifty little compact, and I'm sold! The Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eyeshadow Palette ticks both those boxes.

The palette is rectangular and really small, yet it contains eight eyeshadows and a mirror! Upon opening the lid you see the mirror and the top four eyeshadows. The bottom part of the palette slides open on little hinges (!) to reveal the other four eyeshadows. I mean, have you ever?

This palette is from the Lilac Rose collection. What I can gather from a quick Google search is that this collection came out in 2013, but I'm not 100% sure.

The shadows range from matte to shimmery to metallic. I've never tried Bobbi Brown eyeshadows before, but I was a little bit disappointed with the quality. It's not as buttery and blend-able as my Stila and Urban Decay eyeshadows. That being said, having all these purply nude eyeshadows together in a tiny compact does come in handy. 

The top eyeshadows are (clockwise from top left): Ivory (matte), Pale Rose (matte), Stormy Grey (shimmery), and Pink Lily (metallic). Ivory and Pale Rose (actually more of a camel colour) are great for the brow bone or over the entire lid. Pink Lily and Stormy Grey are accent colours and look very pretty combined with the other two colours.

The bottom eyeshadows are (clockwise from top left): Barely There (shimmery), Heather Brown (shimmery), Black Chocolate (matte), and Dusty Lilac (matte). To me, Barely There and Heather Brown are both in the same "neutrals" class as Stormy Grey. The colours remind me of a few Urban Decay Naked 1 shadows, but are unfortunately not as pigmented. Dusty Lilac is a beautiful dirty pink/purple that would look great on both green eyes and brown eyes. Black Chocolate is a deep and dark chocolate brown and would be great for lining eyes or for some precision crease work. My favourites so far are Stormy Night and Heather Brown (big surprise there!).

I love experimenting with the colour combinations and find the shadows really great for day-to-day looks, and for travelling. As I've already mentioned, the colour payoff and the longevity aren't outstanding, but the colour selection, size, and downright cute compact makes up for it...

Have you tried other Bobbi Brown eyeshadows before? How was the quality and the colour payoff? Tell me in the comments section, I'd love to know.

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