27 February 2014

Review: Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub

Ever since I heard about the UK bath and body range, Soap & Glory, I just knew I had to get my hands on some of their products. So when Rubybox started stocking it, I picked up a few things including the much raved about The Breakfast Scrub.

The scrub contains oats, shea butter, sugar, organic cupuacu (a tree related to cacao) bio scrubs, bananas, almond, and honey extract. So basically a recipe for banana pancakes. Or a really moisturising body scrub.

I absolutely love the packaging. The scrub comes in a round-bottomed clear-plastic tub, and the cute pink and white label.

The thing I love the most about this scrub is the smell. It's like cookie dough drenched in smokey maple syrup. I am salivating just thinking about it! And speaking of cookie dough, that is pretty much the consistency of the scrub. When you scoop it out of the jar it's a thick caramel brown cookie dough with a sugary grit. 

I find that the dough-like consistency makes it difficult for me to actually apply it to my skin. I recently read Camilla's review of the Sugar Crush Body Scrub (which I also have and still need to review), and she has the same problem with it. When I try to apply it to my skin, the scrub kind of rolls into a dough ball and it usually ends up on the shower floor. I've found it to work best with exfoliating gloves, but I also find that I need to use more of the product.

When I actually get it right to exfoliate my skin, the grit is not too fine or too coarse. It doesn't irritate my skin, but I can definitely feel that I've been exfoliated. My skin is left soft and smooth and smelling slightly of maple syrup.  I mean, how can any of this ever be a bad thing?

So all in all not a life-alteringly brilliant scrub, but I do love the packaging, the smell, and the way my skin looks and feels afterwards. Of which the last two are probably the most important factors when looking for a good body scrub.

Have you ever used The Breakfast Scrub? What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments section.

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