25 January 2018

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 25-30

I don't know how, but it's already been five weeks since my previous pregnancy update. Time is absolutely flying now and I desperately want it to slow down. Sure, I'm excited to meet my baby girl, but there's so much I still want/need to do and I feel SO unprepared!

We wanted to go to prenatal classes, but decided against it for a number of different reasons. Firstly the timing is all wrong. I didn't want to go too early as some of my friends said that they forgot a lot of information because they went too early (pregnancy brain and all that), but there are no prenatal classes in our area in December or January: the classes only start mid-January. That in itself isn't a train smash, but the one lady I emailed said that her classes are 12 weeks long (one night a week) so I'll probably miss the last two classes owing to the fact that I'd have already given birth by then! The other lady's classes are only six weeks, but each class is three hours long! It's hot and I'm pregnant and tired; I really don't feel like putting myself through this kind of torture! That being said, I am freaking out slightly because I feel like I know nothing and I have only 10 weeks left... We did, however, make an appointment at our hospital for a hospital tour. It's on a Saturday in March from 8:30 until 15:30. They'll be giving us a tour of the facilities as well as a prenatal crash course. I figure that this, together with all the research I'm currently doing, will be enough. My doctor said that we should do a breastfeeding class, but, like my husband said, it'll only be theory, right? It's not like you can practice with a real baby, so what's the difference between going to the class and reading up on it or watching videos? You'll need help in the hospital when it's your turn anyway...

We went to Cape Town for Christmas and my dear mom had a baby shower for me. It was so great having all my aunties and women I look up to together in one room. They really spoiled Olive with everything from clothes to toys to blankets. I made a list of what clothes she will need (from various forums, blog posts, magazines, and books) and compared it to what I received at the baby shower. I then bought a few items of clothing that were lacking from the list. My mom is also on a mission to buy more stuff and I'm letting her. I really don't have a problem with other people (especially Granny!) buying things for my baby. I'm incredibly lucky and blessed to have people in my life who are so excited with me! Speaking of which: my own Granny went on a shopping spree of note for little Olive and bought her the cutest things, amongst others a cute Winnie The Pooh diaper bag.

Before we left for Cape Town I also registered at Dischem for a diaper bag. You go for a short consultation at the Dischem clinic and then they order a baby bag for you. I'll be doing a post on this soon as I think it's a great idea that many pregnant ladies might not be aware of.

As for the nursery: things are coming together slowly but surely. I've been incredibly frustrated and irritable because I felt that things were moving too slowly. We finally had the laminate wood floors put in and it looks stunning! The next thing I'll have to buy is a dresser. We decided on a dresser instead of a changing table as a changing table has limited uses, whereas a dresser will always be a dresser. I plan on just buying a changing mat to put on top of the dresser. The drawers will be for her toiletries, diapers, clothes, and blankets. When she grows up we can use the dresser/changing area as a normal dresser without having to buy more furniture.

We've decided to do a moon and stars theme for her room and my mom and I are currently busy with a couple of DIY decor projects. They're still in the beginning stages but I'll keep you updated on our progress. They should be finished by the time I write my next pregnancy update.

Health wise I've been well except for heartburn. I have never in my life experienced heartburn like I have these past few weeks! It doesn't matter what I eat or even *if* I eat: heartburn can strike at any moment. I've found that Rennies work in a way, but that Gaviscon chew tablets are by far the most effective (and most expensive). I'm also starting to have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in. I did buy a maternity pillow (or "preggy roll") at the Baby Expo, but it's so hot! I don't feel like having more things on my bed that add to the heat. I've really been struggling with the heat. I'm lucky to have air-con in my office, but our house is a different kettle of fish. Fans don't really help, but when you're at home for the day there isn't really much you can do except lay on the couch in front of the fan and drink lots of cold water.

My appetite has increased even more and I'm obsessed with fresh fruit: watermelon, white seedless grapes, and cherries. I'm not really eating as much veggies as I should be (oops), but I think I'm more than making up for it with all the fruit I'm consuming! With the growing appetite and the growing tummy comes the growing wardrobe: most of my clothes don't fit anymore. I currently have a few maternity dresses on rotation and that's how it's going to be for the next 10 weeks or so. I only wear a dress one day (is there anyone who can wear a dress twice??) before throwing it in the wash, and I really don't feel like doing washing multiple times a week. I already do laundry twice a week so my wardrobe needs to last me at least three days.

My skin is also looking the best that it's been in weeks: looking at the first picture in the post I think I finally have "that pregnancy glow", but it's also owing to the altered skincare routine I'm currently following. At the beginning of the year I trialled two Vitamin C products that wreaked havoc with my skin (more on this in an upcoming post) so I had to get back to basics with my skincare routine. Would you be interested in an updated skincare post?

Olive has also been very busy: some days I feel like she's doing a rumba in my belly! I haven't really established any patterns, but she does seem more active when I'm sitting down at my desk (right after I get to work), after I've had sweet and cold things to eat or drink, or when I'm lying on the bed after being busy for a while. At the 28 week scan the doctor said she's lying breech (head up) but that there's enough time and enough room for her to move down into the correct position. About half of the scans we've had so far she's been upside down doing gymnastics, so I'm confident that by the next scan she'll be upside down again!

Until next time!


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