19 September 2016

My Beauty Wish List

Being a beauty blogger definitely has its pros and cons. The biggest pro is that you are one of the first to know about exciting new products and launches, and the biggest con is that you want all the things.  Is there a new liquid lipstick on the market promising unheard of longevity? Obviously I need it. Does the latest gel nail polish promise two weeks of chip-free wear? I'm just grabbing my car keys. There are many things that I have my eye on and I've started making a list on my phone so that I can see what I'm working towards. Some things I'll have to save for, some things I can put on impending Christmas and birthday wish lists, and other things could be payday-YOLO purchases. 

I still haven't been to the newly opened Urban Decay store in Sandton City, because I just know it will wreak havoc on my bank account. I can actually curate an entire wish list solely from Urban Decay products, but I'd thought for this post I'll stick to the most important things... These are the All Nighter setting spray, the UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette, and the Naked Skin concealer. The setting spray and the concealer have both reached cult status and I can't wait to try it for myself. The Vice Reloaded palette is not something I would normally go for, but the more I look at pictures and swatches, the more I like it. The palette contains shades that were discontinued and this seems to be a stunning "walk down memory lane" palette.

There are two local products on the list in the form of the Skin Creamery's Everyday Cream and Lulu & Marula's Face Mask Brush & Bowl. The Everyday Cream can be used both on the face and the body and is apparently a treat to use. The face mask bowl is a super cute handcrafted bowl containing 22ct gold and you use that and the brush to mix your face masks before applying it to your skin (especially convenient for powder masks that need to be activated!).

No wish list can be complete without at least one thing from The Body Shop! Their new products look simply amazing and, although only the Chinese Ginseng & Rice mask is pictured here, I would like all four masks in my collection! I am obsessed with face masks and I already have a couple from The Body Shop that I enjoy. Another new product is their Skin Defence SPF50 sunscreen which is apparently a godsend to us oily-skinned gals. I've been on a mission to incorporate more sun protection into my daily routine and I think this will do the trick.

The last two items are quite splurgy in the sense that they're quite expensive, and that I really don't *need* them. The Lancome Juicy Shakers have been making waves since their release and is a lip tint-lip oil hybrid. I can't wait to try them! A new offering from Stila is their Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette. It comes in four different shade options, each complementing different skin tones. The palette consists of five eyeshadows and two blushes and as usual the packaging is absolutely stunning!

I have many more items, but I'll save those for a future wish list! What are the main items in your wish list? Let me know in the comment section!

Until next time!



  1. I'm so keen on those same UD products and the new Stila palettes are gorgeous! Awesome list.

    Main items I really want, an acrylic makeup organiser. The Stila palette and a Glampalm curling wand!

    1. I'm so glad that we finally have an UD store in the country! An acrylic makeup organiser is a must-have, they're pricey but so worth it. My makeup table would be a (bigger) mess without one. Thanks for commenting!