21 December 2015

Benefit's 12 Days of Christmas

Advent calendars are definitely not for pre-school and primary kiddies anymore: more and more beauty brands (not to mention chocolatiers!) are coming out with adult versions of advent calendars. Although the selection is not nearly as exciting in South Africa as in Europe, we are also slowly catching on to the adult advent calendar trend and I for one am very happy with that. 

I bought one of the Benefit Party Poppers packs weeks ago and today I'm going to show you the contents. Normal advent calendars are 24 days (1 December to 24 December), but some brands such as Lush and Benefit are doing more of a "12 days of Christmas" thing where you get 12 gifts instead of 24.

The Benefit Party Poppers pack is filled with beauty minis and they are ideal for popping in your handbag. I already have a couple of these minis, but it's always nice to have extras.


The Total Moisture Facial Cream comes in the cutest little glass post. It's quite a thick cream and it has a lovely fresh scent. The Pore-fessional comes in a 7.5 ml tube which is much larger than the normal mini that they give away at the counter. The Pore-fessional is a tinted facial primer and can be worn alone or under makeup. I love the fact that it immediately smoothes over pores and makes the skin look more even. 


Rockateur is a cheek powder (blush for the rest of us) and is a lovely almost peachy colour. Watt's up! is a golden highlighter and is simply stunning. This mini comes in a metallic tube and twists up, so cute! Another famous highlighter is High Beam. It's a pale pink champagne colour and is also called "supermodel in a bottle".


I was thrilled to get a mini Ooh La Lift as I've heard of it but never tried it. It's a pale pink highlighting liquid that brightens and lifts the under-eye area. There are also two mascaras included in the box: They're Real! and BAD Gal Lash. I actually would have liked another Roller Lash mascara, as I don't really get on with They're Real!, but I'll give it another go. The final eye product is the They're Real! Remover which is a waterproof eye makeup remover.


There were two lipglosses in the box: Sugarbomb and Hoola. Sugarbomb is basically the lipgloss shade to match the Sugarbomb blush, and Hoola is the gloss shade to match the Hoola bronzer. Sugarbomb is a pinky brown with golden shimmer, and Hoola is a beautiful golden honey with golden shimmer. The final product is Lollitint which is both a lip and cheek stain and is a light pink-purple shade.

I loved opening this advent calendar and I would gladly have paid twice the money for a full 24-day advent calendar. It doesn't look like it's available online anymore, but perhaps you can get it from one of the Benefit counters at Edgars.

Until next time!


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