22 October 2015

Review: REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial

I have tried quite a few of REN's products and I have yet to come across one that I didn't love. Today's review is no exception as I'll be raving and swooning over their latest offering in the radiance collection.

REN's Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial*, or as I like to all it, Good Skin In A Tube, is the latest addition to their Radiance range. Regular readers of this blog will know that I love the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. The night-time facial is also a chemical exfoliater of sorts, but instead of washing it off after ten minutes, you leave it on overnight. It contains a unique complex of Glycolic and Lactic acids from yeast, pineapple, and passion fruit, that delivers a three-phase treatment while you snooze to renew skin and boost cell vitality and moisture.

The first few times I applied it, it stung my cheeks slightly, but that disappeared after about half a minute. I have to warn you, it smells awful. Where the Glycolactic mask smells like orange marmalade, this smells like rotten orange peels (sorry). The consistency of the mask is a slightly runny gel-cream and two pumps are enough to cover my entire face. I apply it post cleansing and toning and lightly massage it into my skin as I would do with a moisturiser. The tube says to follow it up with your normal moisturiser, but I've heard some people stop at the night-time facial step. I've tried both options and can't really tell the difference the next morning.

The cream sinks into the skin and isn't greasy or tacky. The smell also thankfully disappears after a while. The next morning my skin is clear, plump, smooth, and it looks like my redness is also reduced. You can use this two to three times a week, but I use it twice a week. I've used it about four or five times in total and my skin is smooth, bright, and clear. This tube is going to have a permanent place on my bathroom shelf, I can tell.

Look, it isn't a cheap product (R620 for 40 ml), but at two to four pumps a week this tube will last you a long time. And the results truly speak for themselves. Go on, treat yourself!

[UPDATE: REN is currently selling the Night-time facial for 20% less on their website, go go go!]

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*PR sample

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