10 August 2015

The new essence Nauti Girl range

I have to admit, essence products are very "hit or miss" with me: either I'm completely smitten with it or it misses the mark completely. What does count in their favour, though, is the fact that their limited edition collections are super adorable. And very very affordable.

I wasn't even aware that they had a new collection out, but when I saw this nautical-themed collection aptly called "Nauti Girl", I was smitten. The only thing I love more than flamingos and pineapples, is anchors. I wanted to get everything from the collection, but decided to first just get three things to try out and show you.

The collection contains two eyeshadow palettes (my Dischem sadly only had the blue one), four stunning nail polish shades in classy square bottles (two vibrant shades of blue, a coral red, and a pretty pink), two lipsticks (a coral red to match the nail polish and a peachy beige nude), blush with an embossed anchor on it, a felt-tip eyebrow pen, a navy twist-up eyeliner, nail stickers, and a perfume.

Nauti girl lipstick in "01 Miss Navy"

As you can see I bought the coral red lipstick, the nail stickers, and the eyeliner pencil. The lipstick is the most beautiful coral red colour. When swatched, however, it is a lot more orange than red. It's a creamy lipstick and applies nicely, but unfortunately there is zero longevity, so you'll have to keep reapplying this.

Nauti girl nail stickers

I'm probably most excited about the nail stickers, and I don't even wear nail stickers... The anchors and the littles shells are just too cute and I can't wait to use them all!

Nauti girl waterproof eye pencil in "Ahoy boy!"

To me, the eyeliner pencil in the shade "Ahoy boy!" is probably the best value for money out of the entire collection. Not only is the eyeliner pencil a twist-up pencil, but it contains a sharpener in the cap like more expensive brands have. So every time you put the cap back on the pencil, it sharpens the point. Add to that the fact that navy is a gorgeous alternative to black eyeliner, and that this pencil is seriously smudge proof, and you've got yourself a winner.

Which products from this range do you have your eye on? Let me know in the comments section!

Until next time!



  1. I bought this liner, but when I turn the bottom to get more liner out, it turns but the liner doesn't come up. Not sure whether this has to do with the sharpening action of closing the top. Does your liner twist up perhaps?

    1. Hi Nasheta. After reading your comment I was very curious, and my liner seems to do the exact same as yours: it turns at the bottom, but the liner doesn't come up. I will try to find out what's going on and report back.