09 April 2015

Review: Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy polishes

I will admit, I am quite the nail polish hoarder. I currently have my "summer" polishes in glass jars on my chest of drawers, and my "winter" polishes in a big box under my bed. Some people will be impressed by my collection, but I am slightly ashamed. That being said, I just love new and pretty nail polishes so much! To add to my ever-growing collection are the relatively new offering from Revlon in the form of their no-bake gel polishes.

The colours I have are, from left to right: "410 Up the ante", "110 Lady Luck", "240 Dealer's Choice", "620 Roulette Rush", and then the Diamond Top Coat .

Clicks recently had them on a 3-for-2 special, and I could kick myself that I didn't buy more. The colours are stunning, and I love the casino-themed names. The thing that makes these polishes special is the top coat (so for the full effect you unfortunately can't buy just a colour polish, you'll have to get the top coat too).

I find the brush easy to work with, and the formula is creamy and non-streaky. Two coats leave you with a beautiful opaque finish. The top coat dries very quickly and makes your nails shine like you are wearing gel nails. Nail polish does not last on my nails, but I find that I can get a good three days with these polishes- I do get some nail wear, but no unsightly chips. I get bored with nail polish after three days anyway, so it doesn't bother me. I've heard of ladies getting seven days' wear out of these polishes, so if your nails normally take well to polish, you might be one of them.

Now for the negative part of the post... This polish is touted as having a built-in base coat, which makes your life easier as you can just apply two coats of colour polish and a top coat and you're done. For the first few colours I tried (the purple, the peach, and even the red), this worked a treat. Until I applied the turquoise shade and then removed it three days later. My nails were stained with a horrible yellowish green colour that now needs to grow out. So the lesson here is: no matter what, always apply a base coat. I don't know which of the other shades you can get by with without a base coat, but I'm not risking it again.

Below are "Up the ante" and "Lady Luck" in action. For swatches of the rest of my polishes (and the rest of the collection), you can check out some gorgeous swatching here.

You can find these polishes at Clicks (around R110 each) and at Dischem (about R99). I hope Clicks will be having another 3-for-2 promotion in the near future, as I have my eye on a beautiful royal blue, as well as a stunning baby pink. Like I need more nail polish...

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