14 July 2014

Top Five Winter Nail Colours

Last month I showed you my favourite beauty products for winter. I already spoke about hand creams and cuticle butters, but today is about putting some colour on those pretty fingertips. Winter nails to me are an opportunity to play around with dark plums and moody blues, and even break out the 'ol Black Satin! Below are five of my favourites.

Yardley Gel-Lac Nails in "Burgundy"

I really like the Yardley Gel-Lac nail polishes as they come in beautiful wintery colours, have wide brushes, last quite long, and leave your nails incredibly glossy. This particular one is a rich burgundy that looks amazing paired with short finger nails. The colour is opaque in two coats, but if you apply if very thinly you might need three.

Chanel Le Vernis in "219 Black Satin"

What is there I could say about this classic polish? Shiny black nail polish without a hint of shimmer or sparkle that doesn't look flat or like you've just joined a cult. The staying power of this isn't too great, but that is understandable. One of the chemists at Chanel said that the pigment of the dark nail polishes contain a certain element that causes it to chip quicker than lighter colours. A beautiful colour, none the less. Two coats give you a beautiful opaque look.

Yardley Gel-Lac in "Gunmetal"

Another favourite in the Gel-Lac range is this beautiful gunmetal grey with a hint of shimmer. Two coats leave the nails completely opaque and the staying power is very very good.

Nails inc. in "Baker Street"

I have received so many compliments when wearing this polish and it is easily my favourite blue. It's a bright electric blue, but doesn't look tacky or like you've travelled back in time from the 80s. It's just a beautiful grown up and modern blue. This goes opaque after only one coat, but I normally apply two coats anyway. I found the staying power of this to be slightly iffy, but I think I need to give it a few more chances.

Chanel Le Vernis in "18 Rouge Noir"

My last favourite is another cult classic. The iconic Chanel Rouge Noir is a moody burgundy, and is actually a lot like the Yardley Gel-Lec polish, but more opaque. The staying power of this is about the same as that of the Black Satin. A very sophisticated colour that always catches the eye.

Below are all the colours swatched: FLTR Yardley Gel-Lac in Burgundy, Yardley Gel-Lac in Gunmetal, Nails inc. in Baker Street, Chanel Le Vernis in Black Satin, and Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Noir (thumb). Each nail has two coats of polish except for the Nails inc. nail that only has one coat.

What are your favourite nail colours for winter? I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.

Until next time!



  1. Nice choices! That blue is such a beautiful colour all year round.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I love that blue- it's a favourite amongst favourites!