15 May 2014

Haul and First Impressions: Topshop Makeup

Monday saw me going through a tiny Sleek MakeUP haul. If you missed it, you can read the post here. Today is the second half of the haul and we move on to Topshop. This is a haul and "first impressions" blog post as I have obviously not had enough time to test out the products extensively.

This is my first ever purchase from Topshop-- makeup or otherwise. I went to the small Topshop in Menlyn but the lady told me you can only get the makeup at the big Sandton City store. I suppose you would be able to get the makeup range at a big Topshop in Cape Town as well. Cape Town ladies, please comment on this?

I've always read about Topshop makeup, but I've never really had the urge to go out and buy their products. That is until I read this blog post from Nouvelle Daily on their Topshop beauty must haves… I couldn't get all the products they mentioned, but here's my pick.

Topshop BB Cream in 1.0

First off, I love the packaging of this BB cream. The sleek silver tube just jumps out to you from the shelf. The BB cream itself has quite a light texture. It's not as thick as the Sorbet BB cream or the Garnier BB creams. It applies smoothly and covers minor imperfections and redness quite well. I can't really comment on the staying power of this as I've only used it once or twice. I have oily combination skin and after applying this BB cream and setting it with powder, I didn't need to powder again for the remainder of the afternoon. This retails for R159.

Topshop Lip Bullet in "Wine Gum"

This is like a chubby stick, except it's a lipstick in, well, a stick. The packaging is white and matte, and the lip bullet twists up at the bottom. This colour is amazing and not for the faint of heart. I have yet to wear it in public, I've currently just worn it around the house to work up the courage to wear it in public. It's a bright hot pink and the formulation is super creamy. The texture and consistency reminds me a bit of my MAC lipstick in Snob and the colour is just as in-your-face! It wears off evenly so you aren't left with a pink stain in the middle of your lips and nowhere else. This retails for R149.

Topshop Glow Stick in "Play Up"

I originally wanted the Glow Highlighter in Polish, but every single one had finger marks in it, so I decided against that. When I saw these glow sticks, however, I just had to investigate. It's a highlighting shimmer cream in a stick form, also with a twist up bit on the bottom. The packing is sleek with its matte black stick and the cap closes tightly, so no highlighting the inside of your makeup bag. The size also makes it perfect for a night out or for travelling. This product fascinates me and I've been loving using this on top of my cheekbones and just under my eyebrows. It glides on smoothly and leaves you with a beautiful golden shimmer and no disco ball-esque glitter. This retails for R169.

Topshop Nail Polish in "Tidal"

The packaging is super cute with the matte white cap with black polka dots and I chose this colour because it's so unique. At first it looked like a mint green, then like a light grey, and upon close inspection (and nail application), I saw that it is a soft duck egg blue colour that edges more on the grey side. It's a beautiful colour and those of you following me on Instagram would have seen a pic of this a couple of days ago. A perfect icy winter shade. This retails for R69.

Topshop Blush in Afternoon Tea

The packaging is just too adorable. The blush comes in a round, matte white case with black polka dots. The packaging is sturdy and it has a mirror inside. My initial impression with this was disappointment, as someone had already swatched it in-store and put it back into the box... I should have checked it before I bought it, but it was in its box and I had to hurry to get to my event. I dipped a cotton pad into some diluted tea tree oil and swiped the surface of the blush, so I hope that killed any potential germs from the in-store swatch! But back to the blush: this is yet another in-your-face colour. As you can see from the photos above, it is quite a vibrant pink, but when blended out the cream turns into a powder and it leaves the face with the most beautiful flush of colour. The texture is super creamy and easy to blend. I really like this blush and I am already thinking of getting a few more shades. This retails for R89.

So that's the haul, kudos if you've read the whole thing! Have you tried any Topshop makeup products? I'd love to add to my shopping list for when I visit Sandton City again.

Until next time!



  1. Ah man I need to hit a Topshop and soon!!!! I want these all :-)

    1. I was pleasantly surprised! Really liking everything that I bought. Just check that your purchases don't have finger marks in them. :-/ Thanks for commenting!

  2. The blush, Glow Stick and Lip Bullet has my name written all over them...I can see my name there, can you see it? :)

    I've only ever bought a couple of makeup items from Topshop and I must say, I've never been disappointed. Definitely keen to try out more!

    Luzanne | Pink Peonies Blog |

    1. I can definitely see your name on them, Luzanne! :) Those three are my favourites as well. Really wish I bought more blushes... Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The Glow stick looks super chic, a bit pricey for a small stick but really pretty!!!

    1. It is quite pricey but I don't think you'll ever run out! :) Thank you for commenting, Telma!