02 November 2017

Travel Post: Off to Italy!

The husband and I have been uhmm-ing and aaah-ing about where to go for our fifth wedding anniversary for months. We were set on going to Zanzibar because it is (1) affordable, (2) close, and (3) reminds us of our honeymoon in Mauritius (not the same place, but still an island getaway). Then we found out that I was pregnant, so Zanzibar was out of the question (it's classified as a malaria zone). Then we started thinking about going to Europe... The last time I was in Europe was in 2014 and I absolutely loved it. (The husband was there briefly in 2016 for work, but that doesn't really count.) We initially wanted to go to Greece, but in the end Italy won the battle. This will be for our fifth wedding anniversary, as well as a "baby moon" as it will be the last proper holiday we'll be going on as just a couple.

We're going for little over a week and we'll be spending three nights in Rome, two nights in Florence, and two nights in Venice. I am deliriously excited as I've always wanted to go to Italy. The husband has also never been there, so it'll be a good adventure for us both. I'm a bit sad that I won't get to taste proper Italian wine, but I'll make sure that we pack a bottle or three into our suitcases for when I can have wine again. I will unfortunately not be able to drink all the coffee I want, but I intend on eating all the pizza, pasta, and gelato. I already have a list of the best places in Rome to order certain foods and I'm very excited to work my way through that list! I also look forward to all the sights and sounds and I'm very excited to see all the museums and cathedrals and to soak up the history.

I'm planning a travel series on our trip which will include a "What to pack" in terms of clothes, toiletries, and on-board goodies. I'll also do a series of posts on where we were, what we saw, and what we ate, so check in regularly so you don't miss anything. I will try to Instagram the trip as we go (wifi permitting), so please also check that account.



*Photo of Florence with thanks from Pixabay.

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