17 August 2017

New from Skin Creamery

A while back I did a post about the Skin Creamery products that I bought (you can read it here). A few weeks ago I did another spot of shopping (this time on Faithful-To-Nature's website) and bought a few new things.

I bought another The Everyday Cream (for face and body) but I'm keeping that as either a backup or as a present for someone (I'm still deciding) so I'm not featuring it in this post.

Oil-Milk Facial Cleanser

This comes in the same packaging as the Everyday Cream - a 200 ml frosted glass bottle with a pump. The cleanser is a thick almost gel-like consistency and is a pale, almost milky colour. It contains sesame oil, baobab, and melon seed. I pump a few pumps of this into my hand and apply it to dry, dirty skin. I find that I need about three pumps which seems excessive, but I find that with less it doesn't give me a nice slip to spread it over my skin. After massaging it into my skin (even over my eyes, there's no stinging), I take a little bit of water and work that into my skin. The cleanser immediately turns from an oily gel to a light milky texture. I then use a facial sponge or a hot cloth to gently remove all the cleanser from my face, before rinsing everything off one last time. My skin is left clean and super soft, and not dry at all. The scent is also incredible, just what we've come to expect from Skin Creamery. It smells herby and delicious and I think what attracts me to most Skin Creamery scents is the melon seed, delicious!

Skin Tonic

This was the product I was looking forward to trying the most as you all know I love a good spritz. I initially thought that you would spritz it directly onto your skin, but the directions tell you to pump a few drops onto a cotton round (or your hand) and then apply it to your skin. The applicator on the bottle also prevents you from spritzing it on your skin, it dispenses drops, not a spritz. The tonic contains baobab, malachite, and rose (which is always a good ingredient in a toner or spritzer). The tonic looks like some of those bi-phase makeup removers: an oily part on top and a watery part on the bottom. My favourite way to use this is to shake it first and then apply a few drops to a cotton round and use it as a toner after using the oil-milk cleanser. The scent of this is also delicious and the rose scent makes it nice and sweet, but not in a sickly way. Better yet, you have to smell it for yourself.

I bought these goodies on Faithful-To-Nature's website but you can also get them from Skin Creamery's own website. These products are not cheap, but if you're serious about skincare, or just want to treat yourself or someone else, they are perfect.

Until next time!


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