31 July 2017

Travel Post: One Night in Cullinan

A few months ago I bought a voucher on Daddy's Deals for the husband and I to go to Cullinan for the night. We been to Cullinan many times, but only for lunch, we've never stayed over (it's only about half an hour's drive from Pretoria East). The deal included spa treatments, your choice of breakfast or lunch, and accommodation at the Cullinan Premier Hotel. Initially the voucher said the accommodation was to be at the Diamond Inn down the road, but when we got there they told us we would be having both our spa treatments and our accommodation at the hotel, yes!

The Cullinan Premier Hotel dates back to 1905 and has recently undergone a revamping. The parking area is still under construction and, upon arriving there, you wonder if you've made a mistake booking accommodation there. However, once you set foot in the hotel all doubts disappear when you are greeted by the hotel staff and receive a glass of bubbly to drink while they set up your spa treatment room.

The hotel's decor is quite eclectic and it's a mix between old-school charm and modern accents. The reception area is quite busy but I like it, plus it gives you plenty to take in while you wait!

Initially they wanted to do our spa treatments in our room, but they were still busy getting our room ready (check-in time is only at 14:00) so they set us up in one of their suites. The suites are gigantic rooms in their own wing of the hotel complete with a king size bed, arm chairs, and a corner bath in the ensuite bathroom. Our treatments were done by two lovely ladies and I can highly recommend it. The husband and I each had a full-body massage followed by a scalp massage, a foot soak, a hand soak, and a foot-and-hand massage. Afterwards I was ready to fall facedown on the bed and sleep, but by then it was time to check into our room.

Our room also had a big bed and a cute little coffee and tea station with the hotel's branded mugs. The bathroom featured two glass basins (so cool!), a toilet (obviously), a large bath, and a shower over the bath (not my favourite). I had hoped that the room would have a bath, so I packed in a Lush bubble bar and some face masks, just in case!

After we put our stuff in the room we went out to lunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Cullinan, The Cockpit Brewhouse. There's a lot to do in Cullinan so I thought I'd keep that part for an upcoming blog post. Please check back regularly so that you don't miss it!

That night we slept like logs and the next morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast in The Crown Jewel Dining Room. There's nothing like a hotel breakfast and this one also didn't disappoint.

After breakfast we headed home again and it was nice only having to drive half an hour to get there!

I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Cullinan and if you live in Pretoria or Johannesburg I'd highly recommend a stay at the Premier Hotel. The spa treatments were a bonus! I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave any questions and comments down below, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time!


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