27 March 2017

Review: L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powders

Ever wondered what exactly 'strobing' is? Strobing is basically the same as highlighting, just a more amped-up extreme version of it. Where contouring involves contouring, bronzing, and highlighting - darker shades create shadows and lighter shades make feature pop, strobing is just about highlighting your best features. Think of a beam that can be seen from space instead of just a subtle glow. I don't know about you, but contouring kind of stresses me out. I'm so scared of going out into the daylight looking like a muddy-faced clown! Highlighting? That I can do!

Strobing is achieved by placing the highlight everywhere the sun would normally hit your face: brow bones, cheekbones, center of your forehead, nose, cupid's bow, and chin. You can use any highlighter to strobe with, but obviously, calling it a "strobing powder" instead of a "highlighter" will pique people's interest! Recently L.A. Girl launched a whole range of strobing powders. There are 12 shades  ranging from a snowy white to a dark bronze, so there will be something for everyone. 

L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder

I bought the shades "110 Watt" (left) and "50 Watt" (right). First off, the packaging is quite sturdy but very bulky - this will definitely bulk up your makeup bag when you travel. I like the packaging but I feel like there's a lot of wasted space in the compact, they could have made it a lot slimmer. 

Both strobing powders contain shimmer but luckily no chunky pieces of glitter. Applying it to the high points of your face does not result in fallout that causes you to look like a disco ball - the colour stays where you apply it. That being said, these powders really bring the highlight, so use a light hand if you're new to the highlighting/strobing technique. The texture of the powders is quite buttery, which is surprising given the amount of shimmer. It blends easily onto the skin and doesn't look patchy or uneven.

The pale shade (110 Watt) is the second palest shade in the range and is a champagne colour. The other shade (50 Watt) is more of a peachy, rose gold shade. In certain light the two look almost identical, but as you can see from the photo, they are not. I use a fan brush (you can get a cheap one from the Cala range at Dischem, although it's not the best quality) and sweep the powders across the high points of my cheeks. I don't highlight my nose or chin (oily-skinned girls should stay away from chin highlights), but I will sometimes highlight my brow bone.

These powders are available from Dischem exclusively for R149 each and L.A. Girl products are regularly on a 3-for-2 promotion. Have you tried any of these powders? Let me know in the comments section!

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