08 December 2016

New In: Catrice Contourious Collection

The newest limited edition collection from Catrice is simply stunning. Everything is based around contouring and accentuating your best features. There are quite a few goodies in the range but today I'll show you what I picked up. This is about half of the available range, maybe a bit less. For the full range, go take a look here.

Sculpting Powder Palette in "C01 Pale Perfectionist"

This palette contains a contour shade (cool-toned brown), a blush (dusty pink), and a highlighter (pale gold). I haven't used the contour shade that much, but I do think that it's a good shade for me (hence choosing the lighter of the two palettes). The blush is a summery pink and really brightens up the complexion. The highlighter is pretty, but not quite as pigmented as some of their other highlighters. You really have to work the brush around in there, you can't just lightly "swish" across the top. If you're looking for major impact you'll need a slightly stiffer brush, but if you're scared of looking too glowy, then this will be a good start for you.

Strobing Duo Highlighter

Although the strobing highlighter is extremely pretty, I'm not entirely sure why it's there. I mean, isn't it just a highlighter? The top part of the compact is lighter than the middle, and the bottom part is more pinky than the middle. Again, I do not know why that is. I do know that it makes for a stunning highlight on the cheekbones without looking like a disco ball. As you can see it comes across a very pretty gold when swishing a brush through the compact.

Highlighting stick in "C01 Gentle Glow"

Ah, this little stick immediately drew my attention. It's a twist-up stick highlighter but it's so creamy and smooth. It's not patchy at all and leaves the most gorgeous creamy shade on your skin. It's difficult to say what the exact colour is, because to me it's somewhere between gold and silver. It contains shimmer but luckily it doesn't spread around your face. In the above photo, from left to right: highlighter stick, strobing highlighter, highlighter palette.

There is a very special reason why I bought this... Some of you will remember the Topshop Glow Sticks from way back when they still stocked their makeup shelves. I have it in the shade "Play up" (you can read about it here). As you can see, the packaging is about 99% the same: the two sticks are even the same size!

The main differences, however, are the price, texture, and the colour. The Topshop stick cost R169 two years ago, while the Catrice one is less than R100. The Catrice stick is much more creamy, but the Topshop one might be a bit close to its end-date. Both colours are stunning, though. The Topshop stick is more golden, where the Catrice stick is more white and silver.

Lip Contour & Colour in "C01 Nude"

This has to be one of my favourite products in this collection. The one end of the product is a pointed crayon that is very creamy and goes on matt. I use that to line my lips and fill them in. The other half of the product is a doe foot applicator dipped in a liquid lipstick/gloss type consistency. I apply the liquid lipstick/gloss over the pencil and it looks stunning. I am completely besotted with this! In the above photo you can see from top to bottom: just the crayon, just the gloss, the gloss applied on top of the crayon. I raved about it here previously. Since posting my November favourites I went back and bought the other lip shade. The shade "C02 Rosewood" is a more pinky version of this, and although stunning, I still prefer the nude shade. It wears incredibly well and I am quite frankly devastated that this is limited edition...

And that was the Catrice Contourious collection in a nutshell! Have you bought anything from the collection? Let me know!

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