25 July 2016

Review and How-To: essence Long Lasting Lip Liners

I never used to like lipliners, probably because I was scared of ending up looking like I was stung by a bee. Since discovering the essence Long Lasting Lip Liners, I haven't looked back. If you're looking for budget friendly lipliners that come in an assortment of colours, or if you're unsure of how to go about lining your lips, then keep reading.

The first thing that attracted me to these liners is the price. At R24.95 for a lipliner you will be hard-pressed to find something similar, or better. The second thing that drew me in was the fact that these lipliners are retractable: no sharpeners needed! The crayon is also so thin and cylindrical that even if it becomes "blunt", it never really is. The third thing that attracted me is the colour selection. I'm unsure of how many there are in the range, but I believe there are nine shades. These range from a true nude to a peach, a bright pink to a my-lips-but-better, to a bright red, to a plum shade. These lipliners are soft and buttery; they do not drag the lips and filling in your lips is easy thanks to the creamy texture.

The shades are, from left to right: "06 A girl's dream", "02 Sweetheart", "07 Plum cake", "01 Ready for red", "08 Girl next door", and "10 Berry on my mind". The top photo is under normal light and the bottom photo was taken with flash. "A girl's dream" is a my-lips-but-better shade and is much more natural on the lips than it looks in the photos. It looks pretty on its own or paired with a pinky nude lipstick such as MAC's Syrup. "Sweetheart" is a bright pink and looks good under bright pink lipsticks. "Plum cake" is a pale purple/plum and is a little bit too ashy for me, but can be warmed up with a less-pale lipstick. "Ready for red" is a vibrant red and looks gorgeous alone or under a similarly bright red lipstick. "Girl next door" is a true nude and is again a bit pale and ashy for my complexion. It does look nice under most nude lipsticks. Lastly, "Berry on my mind" is a berry/plum and looks stunning on its own or paired with a berry lipstick such as essence's Let the berry tales begin.

How to line your lips

Below is an easy to follow pictorial showing you how to line your lips. I read somewhere that the easiest way to line your lips, is to line it in segments. First you line your cupid's bow with two slanted lines meeting in the middle. In this case it's very rounded, but just follow your natural lip shape. Then you line the flat part of your bottom lip.

Then you draw the corners of your mouth in two rotated V's. Then you connect all the line segments. You can then proceed to fill in your entire lip with the lipliner, or just leave it as is and apply lipstick or lipgloss.

There you have it! What are your tips and tricks for lining your lips? And which essence lipliner shade is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time!


* Original picture obtained from Pixabay.

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