06 June 2016

Tint your own lashes/brows with Julienne

I have dark brown hair, and thus dark brown eyebrows, but I love having my eyebrows tinted as that just gives them a little something "extra". I then also don't need to fill in my eyebrows so meticulously which is always a bonus. Also, if I'm swimming or sweating I don't need to worry about my eyebrows looking wonky! I've always had my eyebrows done at Placecol, and recently at Sorbet, but I started getting really lazy with making appointments. Browsing through Dischem I saw this Julienne 45 Day PerMascara for less than a hundred rand. (Disclaimer: I did buy this a while back and I see that it's now R112 for the kit and R99.95 for the dye.)

You can use the product to tint eyebrows as well as eyelashes. There are also three shade options, namely dark brown, black, and blue black. My eyelashes are long and dark, plus my eyes are quite sensitive, so I steered clear of using it on my lashes.

The included pamphlet states that the tint will last for up to 45 days, and that you can get up to 12 uses from a kit. Included in the kit are a spoolie (mascara wand), the dye in a tube, cream developer in a bottle, and eyelash guards (which I didn't use). The instructions say to first test the product on the inside of your arm before using it, but I didn't. I'm hardcore like that.

You mix a centimeter of dye with a centimeter of cream developer in the little bowl of the packaging (there's a bowl-shaped indentation on the clear packaging). You then mix the two with the spoolie until well-blended. In order for the dye to not stain your skin, it is necessary to apply a layer of Vaseline or thick cream (such as aqueous cream) to the skin around the eyebrows. You then take the spoolie, dip it in the dye mixture, and comb the dye through your eyebrows, making sure you catch all the hairs. I found that using a slanted brush works really well to paint the dye on exactly where you want it. You then leave the mixture on for 10-15 minutes (I left it on for 15 minutes), and then you gently wash the residue off with a damp cotton pad. Below are before and after shots of my left eyebrow. In the second photo there is a bit of residue left around my eyebrow, but that washes off by itself when I wash my face. I prefer not to scrub too hard because I don't want to rinse the tint out completely!

There was no stinging or itching, and no rashes. I was left with dark eyebrows that still look natural (after I've washed my face), but require less maintenance. I've tinted my brows a few times now and I've found that the colour does not last a full 45 days, but that might be due to the makeup remover I use daily to remove my brow makeup and eye makeup.

Have you ever used this product or something similar? Let me know in the comments section.

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