10 September 2015

Unboxing: The Test Box - September

The Test Box for September includes two haircare products and a body product, which is something very new to The Test Box. Let's dig in, shall we?

Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo and Conditioner (50 ml)*

Both the shampoo and conditioner are sulphate-free, meaning that it is extra gentle on coloured hair. The shampoo and conditioner work together to combat frizz and to restore moisture to the hair, making it soft, smooth, and manageable.

Both products smell deliciously fruity and glide onto the hair. The products are not overly rich, but you can feel them coating the hair strands. If you have very fine and thin hair, this might be too rich for you, but the products are intended for frizzy, curly, and coarse hair anyway.

You can buy the shampoo here for R220 for 300 ml, and the conditioner here for R230 for 300 ml.

Scruff Coffee Body Scrub (40 ml)*

Scruff comes all the way from Cape Town and is a natural exfoliater and cleanser. Its oil hydrate skin and the antioxidants present are good for your skin. According to The Test Box, this scrub can be used on both the face and body, bonus!

This isn't a coffee fragranced scrub, this is a proper coffee scrub. The smell will fill the whole bathroom! The coffee granules are not too fine, nor too coarse. It's fine enough not to irritate the skin, which is a bonus if you have sensitive skin.

You can buy the scrub here for R145 for 180g.

The September Test Box costs R160 and you can buy it here. Happy shopping!

Until next time!


* PR sample

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