05 February 2015

Review: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

Oily eyelids can really be a pain if you love wearing eyeshadows. I almost gave up on wearing eyeshadow due to it creasing and sliding off my eyelids at 11:00 in the morning. That is until I discovered the beauty of eyelid primers. I'd say it's a fairly new concept, but what normal primers do for your skin (and primers do for walls, as my husband likes to point out), eyelids primers do for your eyelids. It creates a smooth base for the eyeshadow to grip onto. I bought the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions for R400 (so R100 per little bottle) from Rubybox a long time ago, but never really knew if I used too much or too little, as my eyeshadows still didn't last the whole day. I decided to try a few other primers and I picked up NYX's HD Eyeshadow Base at Clicks for around R140.

The primer comes in a mascara-like tube with a doe foot applicator. I like the doe foot applicator as you can spread a small amount on each eyelid without using too much product and without sticking your finger in a pot, or struggling with a tube that spontaneously spurts out too much product.

The primer itself is a pale pink, almost white cream. It's not thick and heavy, nor is it runny or gel-like. It smoothes across the lid beautifully and creates a nice even-toned blank canvas for your shadows. Applying shadows over it is a breeze, whether I'm using cream shadows or powders. Blending the shadows is also very easy. I've used this primer every day for the past month and a half, and each time my eyeshadow lasts the whole work day. I don't know about you but I think that's pretty incredible!

Have you ever used the NYX eyeshadow base? What do you use on your eyelids? Tell me in the comments section.

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  1. I love the e.l.f eyelid primer, but since you can't get it in SA, I definitely have to try this one! Thanks for the awesome review :-)

    1. I was quite surprised at how good it is! Thanks for commenting, Imka! :)