16 October 2014

My AM Skincare Routine

I'm always fascinated by what other people do for a skincare routine, so I thought I would do a post to tell you what I put on my face on a daily basis. To keep the post relatively short I have decided to split my skincare routine into AM and PM.

My skin has been looking clear and bright lately and I think that I've found a good routine. I do try to eat healthily, but that resolve goes out the window most days. I also don't drink nearly as much water as I should; if I drink more than three glasses of water a day, it's a miracle. I do make a point of removing my makeup and washing my face every. single. night. You won't catch me going to bed with makeup on. Granted, I don't really wear a lot of makeup, but I love wearing eyeshadow and mascara, but I also have sensitive eyes, so sleeping with eye makeup isn't really ever an option for me. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the fun part!

Now that the weather is finally warmer, I don't use my hot cloth cleansing in the mornings anymore. I've spoken here about my love for the Konjac sponge and I find that most mornings I just apply some of the REN Mayblossom T-zone cleansing gel to a dry face and massage it in before massaging my skin further with the wet Konjac sponge. I then rinse off my face, rinse the sponge, and massage my skin once more.

I have a LOT of cleansers, and I do love swapping them out, but everything that I mention in this post is what I'm currently using on a daily basis. I'd be happy to do a "Favourite cleansers" post if anyone is interested?

After cleansing my face I apply a hydrating toner. I used to use the green toner from Clarins, but for the past few months I've been using The Body Shop's Vitamin E hydrating toner on a cotton pad. I then apply eye cream, at the moment I'm using an Origins Ginzing sample which is a really lovely eye cream. I always apply eye cream before serum. No matter how carefully you apply serum, you'll always get a tiny bit around the delicate eye area, and if you apply your eye cream on top of the serum, you won't get the (full) effect from the eye cream. So either apply the eye cream first, or don't apply it at all (you don't really need eye cream, I just like the ritual of applying eye cream).

For a serum I like Clarins Multi Active Serum, but at R575 it's very pricey for a little tube. When mine ran out at the start of the year, I bought the Woolworths Anti Ageing serum for R290 and it worked lovely. Since finishing this, I've switched to the even more affordable (and significantly more travel-friendly) The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum (R149).

On very dehydrated and "urgh" days I'll apply a very thin layer of Hydraluron to my T-zone, and then go in with the Clarins Multi Active day cream. I am very very very bad with remembering to apply sunscreen, but when I do remember it's usually a Kiehl's sun protection fluid sample, or my Bioderma sunscreen.

And that is my current AM skincare routine! What are your essentials for healthy, clear skin?

Until next time!


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